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1/27/2021 11:55 am  #1

Are we getting ready for another drubbing?

Might stream the game piecemeal "like." Extended exposure to the women's team play can be hard on your health.


1/27/2021 12:20 pm  #2

Re: Are we getting ready for another drubbing?

GW up 14-8 after the first quarter. About the only "typical" thing from GW so far is the 0-3 shooting from behind the arc.

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1/27/2021 2:01 pm  #3

Re: Are we getting ready for another drubbing?

VCU wins 67-60.

Final result not withstanding, GW played an excellent game for the most part. They discovered how to find Brigham inside, and she was unstoppable (25 pts on 12-15 shooting). That being said, I don't think our ladies have luck on their side this season, so they'll have to win the hard way. This is the second game in a row where an opponent has lobbed a prayer up in the third quarter and banked it in. Also, we pay dearly for our turnovers, especially the unforced ones (very maddening).

Once again outscored from 3 pt range by a large margin, and we'll win very few games that way. I thought the ball movement was very good, especially with the line-up sans Zambrotta and Nikitinaite, who didn't get a lot of minutes. Loder had a really good game-- good for her. Frosh, especially Brigham, played pretty well.

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1/27/2021 2:14 pm  #4

Re: Are we getting ready for another drubbing?

2-12 shooting from three-pointland. This team was shooting 20% from behind the arc coming in to this game. Coach Rizz might want to ban any more long shots for the rest of the season, might be helpful for her job continuity.14 games in to the season, GW has made a total of 40 three-point shots.


1/28/2021 9:43 am  #5

Re: Are we getting ready for another drubbing?

xAC wrote:

Loder had a really good game-- good for her. Frosh, especially Brigham, played pretty well.

If I remember correctly, Loder's highlight was standing by herself under her basket  while a there was a scrum of 5 or six players fighting  for the ball on the floor at the foul line and it shot out of the scrum rugby style to her and she got 2. 

For GWAA, yesterday I was watching Chelsea play their first game under Tuchel after one one hour training session with the team the night before. He picked Jorginho to play who I think Chelsea should take a lost and get him out of London this window and not let Billy Gilmer go on loan. It took about 29 minutes before the announcers to point out that Chelsea had started to past the ball back and forth across the back line-- J. can't dribble past any one. Just pass it back and forth. I look at GW women with holes in their game, making the same mistakes over and over. Gingras gets her pocket picked all the time bringing the ball up the court when she stops moving and looks up the the offense she forces passes into the post. The freshmen are all great assists!!! It just take this staff way to long to advance these kids along. --Point is that we are seeing this team make the same set of fatal mistakes over and over to lose the game.

The coaches should be using a press more but don't know how to get their back 2 defenders to produce the turnovers.

The player who is game in game out is the glue is Whitney. Canb we buy another year? /s

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