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5/18/2021 3:50 pm  #41

Re: LeBlanc

His story arc at GW was similar to Jenn Rizzotti´s in that he arrived with high hopes and then stuck around for about a year more than most would have liked.
Hiring a player (even a bit player) in the Larry Nasser scandal was a bonehead move. Attempting to "reform" GW´s academic programs so that the school lost its unique advantage in favour of being just like every other STEM university in the country was about as smart an idea as "New Coke". His inability to dialogue with the faculty and the unions representing staff made him no friends and as COVID hit he did not do enough to create a common front on how to deal with the challenges (both academic and financial) it posed, leading to an administration that (fairly or not) appeared to the public-at-large to be both indicisive toward students and heartless toward employees. He was not the egomaniac ass that SJT was, nor was he the ineffective shy guy Knapp was. He just did not work out and made too many missteps to hang on to the post. As for athletics, not sure this will mean too much other than that his replacement will have to include athletics in any post-pandemic belt-tightening (but that was always going to happen).



5/18/2021 4:04 pm  #42

Re: LeBlanc

GW Alum Abroad wrote:

His story arc at GW was similar to Jenn Rizzotti´s in that he arrived with high hopes and then stuck around for about a year more than most would have liked.

Rizzotti's stay was more than a year more than most would have liked.
Okay, sorry...

Rizzotti's stay was more than a year more than I would have liked.


5/18/2021 4:38 pm  #43

Re: LeBlanc

When he didn't think of himself as the most important person in the room, he had little use for those who also weren't.  A bit too transparent in this regard.    


5/18/2021 5:11 pm  #44

Re: LeBlanc

Just dropped by for the "leftist mob" chat


5/18/2021 7:35 pm  #45

Re: LeBlanc

Lets hope we hire someone based on merit and track record...and preferably someone who believes in the value of a school's Athletic program.


5/18/2021 8:04 pm  #46

Re: LeBlanc

Another case of the pandemic exascerbating other problems IMO. Only a few people in charge are up to the current challenges with the biggest casualty being trust.

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5/18/2021 9:02 pm  #47

Re: LeBlanc

He tried to make a school a few blocks from the White House a STEM school over political science/international affairs. Good Riddance. 


5/19/2021 9:44 pm  #48

Re: LeBlanc

Ferd for President!!!


5/21/2021 10:13 am  #49

Re: LeBlanc

I will financially support a basketball team, but writing a check to support one of the most expensive universities in the country I cannot bring myself to do.  When it comes time to give to charity, if its between children with cancer, ending poverty, helping to rescue abused animals or helping finance a most expensive university attended by generally wealthy students, I am afraid that the school does not get my check.  I know this is straying a bit off topic, but since the fund raising duties of the school president, Iwas mentioned, thought I would throw my 2 cents in.


5/21/2021 11:11 am  #50

Re: LeBlanc

Well done Brian.Beautiful sentiment.


5/21/2021 11:25 am  #51

Re: LeBlanc

Forgot to give my take on Le Blanc.Had high hopes-very disappointing tenure.Agree with GW18 about
trying to rebrand the school.That would have been a thirty year project.Political Science-International Affairs
and History should continue to be strengthened to make GW a world class University.Sometimes it better 
to go with the flow.


5/21/2021 12:31 pm  #52

Re: LeBlanc

Send me the info Brian and I would be happy to donate.


6/05/2021 3:25 pm  #53

Re: LeBlanc

Agree with the statements about trying to change the university's focus, the Disney crap (apparently very expensive and I think they never shared the cost or the results) and the Larry Nasser person hiring. He came from a science background and seemed to have a goal of pushing science, and would have done it regardless of what university he was at or what anyone there would tell him. He also apparently was awful at talking to faculty at all, explaining things, getting feedback etc. He seemed to have a tin ear and ignored everybody. Good riddance.


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