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1/13/2022 4:10 pm  #1

GW versus St. Bonaventure Game Thread

Next up for GW is a road trip to Olean, NY and a game with St. Bonaventure in a Saturday matinee. Although we beat the Bonnies last year, we suffered a lost in Olean two years ago, the last time we played there.

The Bonnies, who were projected to finish behind GW in the A10 (at 13th of 14), had a pretty good OOC, finishing at 8-3 against a so-so schedule, but have lost their first three A10 contests to Dayton, Duquesne, and Davidson. Their loss to Davidson on this past Wednesday in Olean was a close contest (50-47).

SBU matches up pretty well with GW from a height and style perspective. They are a mixture of experience and youth and have the same offensive and rebounding challenges as the Colonials. The Bonnies are led by 5’8” senior guard Asianae Johnson, who averages 15.5 ppg on 43.6% shooting, and 3.3 apg. She doesn’t seem to be a 3-point threat with only 8 attempts so far this year. The rest of the scoring is spread out pretty evenly among five other players, led by 6’0” Tobi Harris at 9.7 ppg, and 6’3” I’yanna Lops at 8.1 ppg. Lops also leads the Bonnies in rebounding at 6.3 rpg. They have three players (Harris, Dzeizgowski, and Oppenheimer) who have taken 45+ 3 pointers, with all hitting around 30% of them. As a team, SBU scores 56.1 ppg, while allowing 57.6 ppg. They shoot 36.7% from the field and 26.3% from distance.

After the URI game diminished our overall season stats, GW comes into this contest at 7-8 and averaging 52.2 ppg while giving up 55.7 ppg. We are shooting 34.3% from the filed and 29% from beyond the arc. With a full complement of players, this should be a competitive game, maybe with GW having a slight edge. Unfortunately, in these times, it’s hard to predict who will be available, or when, if at any time this season, we’ll come into a game with a fully healthy team. Regardless, our younger players will come in with additional game and practice experience, so if they have to hold the fort a little longer, it will be great to see how they perform against a team that isn’t as talented inside the paint as URI.

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1/14/2022 3:19 pm  #2

Re: GW versus St. Bonaventure Game Thread

Scratch the Bonnies game tomorrow.


1/31/2022 9:24 am  #3

Re: GW versus St. Bonaventure Game Thread

On Wednesday (Feb 2), we make up our postponed game against St. Bonaventure.

Since the postponement of our January 15 contest, the Bonnies have gone 2-3 in subsequent A10 games, defeating George Mason and LaSalle, while losing to St. Louis, St. Joseph, and Fordham. All 5 games were decided by single digits, so it appears the Bonnies have been able to compete of late, following some lopsided A10 losses earlier in their schedule. During this five game span, St. Bonaventure has improved their shooting, now hitting 38.7% from the field and 27.8% from 3-point range. During that same span GW has digressed, shooting 33.1% overall and 26.4% from distance, while going winless in four contests.

This still looks like an evenly matched affair, but can we string together four good (at least not awful) quarters in the same game?

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2/02/2022 9:17 pm  #4

Re: GW versus St. Bonaventure Game Thread

Didn't watch, but lost by 1 49-50.    SBU 7-7 FTs.  GW 6-13 FTs.     Don't they practice FTs at GW?


2/02/2022 9:23 pm  #5

Re: GW versus St. Bonaventure Game Thread

St. Bonaventure wins 50-49.

This was a crushing defeat because we literally handed them the game. In the fourth quarter with a seven point lead, we had a couple of careless unforced errors that let them back into the game.

Only being down by 2 at the half meant that another heroic comeback wouldn’t be necessary to pull out a win. It was very tight all the way, but the same old suspects-- TOs and missing shots at critical moments, came back to haunt us. So close..

Where has Maxine Engel (19 pts on 8-10 shooting, 7 rebs) been all year? What she displayed today shows that she’s probably the best basketball player on our team. Not as athletic as the others, but definitely a poised offensive player who can score in various ways. Just fundamentally sound. You’d definitely want her on your team in a pickup game. We’ll be seeing a lot more of her the rest of the way. Noticed right off the bat that Webster wasn’t starting, but she never entered the game, and I didn’t see her on the bench. Ojo and Haydon did get a few minutes, but Taiwo, Engel, Brown, Frames, and Bell finished the game and except for the careless turnovers, were pretty effective. Minutes were limited for Laureano, Lok, and Gingras particularly in crunch time. The rotation continues to evolve, but it seems at least for now, you have to play your way in (or to stay in).

Hope we can put this game behind us when we play VCU on Sunday.

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2/02/2022 10:01 pm  #6

Re: GW versus St. Bonaventure Game Thread

Somehow the announcer confused Frames for Gingras. I get misspeaking now and then but at some point one would think you or your partner would check the number on the stat sheet/roster/game notes and correct the identification. But I agree, a very disheartening loss in a game they had in hand. Almost had a deja vu switching back and forth to the men’s game and watching LaSalle claw back on a phantom Bamisile foul creating a 4 point play.

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2/11/2022 9:59 am  #7

Re: GW versus St. Bonaventure Game Thread

St. Bonaventure - Round 2

Fresh off our initial A10 victory of the season, we’re finally back home at the Smith Center on Saturday for Round 2 of the GW-St. Bonnies series. This is a winnable game, and after the devastating loss in Olean earlier this month, I’m sure our players would like a measure of revenge. Since that last game, the Bonnies (now 12-10, 4-7 in the A10) have gone 1-1, with a nice win over Richmond and double-digit loss to UMASS. In order to increase our prospects in this game, we have to do a better job of defending Asianae Johnson (20 points on 50% shooting) and Tori Harris (15 points) than we did in the first matchup. Although we held everyone else in check and statistically bettered the Bonnies in shooting percentage and rebounding, we had too many critical TOs, and our poor FT shooting (6-13) really hurt us.

Hopefully, being on our home court will give us a needed boost.

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2/11/2022 7:17 pm  #8

Re: GW versus St. Bonaventure Game Thread

I agree that this game is winnable, as are the final other games of the regular season.  GW doesn't play any of the top 5 teams.  After the Bonnies they host, every other day, St Louis and Mason, the other 2 win teams.  With today's loss, Mason is tied with GW in loss column.  St Louis hosts Davidson in the other Saturday game.  Thanks for all the pre-game summaries, xAC.


2/12/2022 3:47 pm  #9

Re: GW versus St. Bonaventure Game Thread

Women win 2nd in a row.  60-47. 


2/12/2022 3:57 pm  #10

Re: GW versus St. Bonaventure Game Thread

GW wins 60-47!

Our inability to shoot put us in a hole in the first half. Our offense was moving the ball pretty well, getting us numerous open shots. We just didn't hit them. Engel was 0-6 (although 3 of them were in traffic after getting an offensive rebound), Frames 1-6, Lok 1-4. We were 0-9 from 3-point range. Taiwo showed up to play with 8 points on 4-7 shooting and 4 boards, and Bell gave us a spark with 6 points in 6 minutes of play off the bench.

After the break, it looked like the Bonnies were going to take control. They took an 8 point lead into the final quarter, but then, for the second game in a row, the 4th quarter was “Colonial” time. Our defense held the Bonnies to 1-13 shooting and just 2 points for the entire quarter. Laureano, Frames, and Bell came alive on the offensive end, and Taiwo was just great all around.

In the last two games, we've held our opponents to 3-29 in the 4th quarter. We had four players in double figures-- Laureano (14), Bell (13), Frames (11), and Taiwo (10). Taiwo also had 7 rebounds and 3 steals and just hustled all over the court.

A great win for the team.

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2/12/2022 4:01 pm  #11

Re: GW versus St. Bonaventure Game Thread

incredible 4th quarter only 2 points allowed!   and 23 for the good guys.


2/12/2022 4:04 pm  #12

Re: GW versus St. Bonaventure Game Thread

I only watched the end of the 3rd quarter and then the rest of the game.  Good timing.
Awesome performance, crushing the Bonnies in the end.  I believe it was a 23 - 2 run, going back to the last basket of the 3rd, which set the tone for the 4th.  Nope.  Bad math in my head.  Run was 25- 2, with 23 coming in the last quarter as noted elsewhere.
Great shooting, defense, hustle, diving for loose balls, rebounding.  Bonnies lost focus and began standing around as GW grabbed every ball near them.  Taiwo's steal and subsequent free throws were one of the keys, along with the three pointers.  Speaking of which, need to start making the foul shots.  
Byron Kerr is so much better alone than those 2 guys in Olean.  He's informative and clear.  He describes the flow of the game so well.  Good interview with the coach after the game.
Now 2 - 8, tied with Mason.  Next up are the 2 win Billikens and then Patriots.  Hail Buff and Blue.

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