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7/22/2019 2:16 pm  #1

Women 2019-20

Just to get this started. 7 players hit the court this season who didn't play for GW last year. Tori Hyduke (#11) and Mayowa Taiwo (#31) - 2 freshmen redshirts who were greatly missed last year with knee injuries though it didn't stop their parents from regularly attending games.  Sydney Zambrotta (#10) - junior redshirt who sat out last year after transferring from a very deep Louisville team. Ariel Stephenson (#25) and Alexandra Maund (#52) - graduate transfers from Wake Forest and Yale respectively who each sat out a year due to injury. Though she sat out last year, Ariel recorded over 1,000 points in her 3 previous years at Wake and should be a key part of a new-look backcourt. Finally Rizzotti signed 2 freshman recruits - Faith Blethen (#23) from Boothbay, Maine and Essence Brown (#32) from Galax, Virginia, both of whom bring height to the frontcourt and backcourt respectively. Team lost 3 graduating seniors -- Batista, Mahoney and Savino and 1 transfer to Delaware, Chyna Latimer. 

Big season for the team and the coaching staff after last year's disappointment and all the competing buzz around new men's coach Jamion Christian and the energy he and his staff and incoming players are bringing to the men's side. No predictions. Just hopeful optimism that this year's team will be more like what people have come to expect from women's basketball at GW. And for those less impatient than most GW fans, former GW star Bill Brigham's daughter Ali has committed to GW for the Class of '24. Still need the dotted line filled out but the 6'3" center is said to exhibit all of Bill's skills and then some. 


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Re: Women 2019-20

It's a shame that Latimer transferred because she was showing some potential, but the number of seemingly quality players coming back is very encouraging. Returnees Mokwuah, and Luma could have big years, and Lodder, Overcash, Gumbs, and Levy could be contributors. It's going to be very interesting to see who gets minutes this year.


7/22/2019 5:09 pm  #3

Re: Women 2019-20

I hope the optimism is deserved.  I haven't been happy the last two years.


7/22/2019 10:30 pm  #4

Re: Women 2019-20

Obviously, Zambrotta is the headline, and Coach Rizz´ destiny may hinge on her performance this season. I would not be taken aback if Stephenson pulls a "Zeke" and torches the A-10 to the tune of a double-double per game. I think this team should be better than last season, but I can also see there being too many unfitted parts to integrate for it to work smothly and things going south quickly, Without Batista´s maturity and leadership on-court, is there enough glue to keep things together? We know the men are going to be "difficult viewing" during the rebuild but will the women be contenders or flops?


7/23/2019 2:05 pm  #5

Re: Women 2019-20

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Re: Women 2019-20

Don't see men as "difficult viewing" at all. Quite the contrary. As for the women, they have the pieces and perhaps the necessity, to be a very effective share the ball squad this year. Assuming that the 3 new guards are fully recovered from their injuries and live up to their billing, and Loder and Levy and newcomer Brown shine as well, the guard position should be well manned. Don't quite see your "unfitted parts" GWAA. There should be good competition for playing time next year that won't be earned by default. Will be interested to see how Mokwuah continues the development and assertiveness she showed during conference play. Expected improvements in stamina and strength will go a long way in determining this team's success. No reason to cast shade now.

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7/23/2019 6:50 pm  #7

Re: Women 2019-20

Hmmm. Of all the Big 10 teams to schedule, seems Wiz or Northwestern would have been a more exciting choice (at least from the standpoint of an older fan). That is a killer schedule, we should wait until the latter part of A-10 play before passing judgement on the team...


7/28/2019 9:13 am  #8

Re: Women 2019-20

Most coaches don't seem to particularly like to schedule their previous schools of employment or the new schools of coaches that preceded them at their current school, especially if there is an even possibility of losing. Don't expect to see Wisconsin or Northwestern or the emerging Towson on the women's schedule going forward.

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