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1/17/2022 7:00 pm  #21

Re: Joe Bamisile

I said it in the chat, but his play that sparked the comeback is one of the greatest individual plays in the history of the Smith Center. 

I’m talking about the play where he jumped out to block a 3, chased down the rebound, sped down the court and threw down a crazy windmill dunk with two guys chasing him.

That play was so good that, independent or score and situation, I thought it was an all time great, but the fact that came with under 4 minutes to go when we were down 10 and sparked us to a comeback win when we were down 3 starters gives it additional incredible context.

The other dunk where he skied for the monster jam was also probably a top 10 all time Smith center dunk, but the Blocked three for a windmill dunk in that situation is pretty remarkable.

I hope people will remember that play as one of the best ever, even if there were no fans to see it.


1/17/2022 7:07 pm  #22

Re: Joe Bamisile

I just saw the 2nd dunk, off the blocked 3, watching now on the DVR.
WOW.  Both of them rank highly. ESPN will also package a pair of plays, I'd be shocked if we don't see on Sportscenter tonight.  What an athlete.  

Wow.  The players were so fired up the last 4 minutes, even without fans allowed. What great defense and energy.  Harris had a huge block, JoeBam drew a key charge, some big dimes from Bishop, dunks for Dean. What a last 4 minutes, the JoeBam block-dunk def sparked the rally.

Side note, Chick Hernandez, excellent play by play.  Wentzel said "see that (goaltend) you can get away with that in Europe  and Chick said "you can get away with a lot of things in Europe"



1/17/2022 11:45 pm  #23

Re: Joe Bamisile

JoeBam dunks and game winner made The Scott Van Pelt ESPN Sportscenter right after the NFL playoff game "Best thing I saw today"  !!

Complete with a Pops reference no less


1/18/2022 8:23 am  #24

Re: Joe Bamisile

The Dude wrote:

JoeBam dunks and game winner made The Scott Van Pelt ESPN Sportscenter right after the NFL playoff game "Best thing I saw today"  !!

Complete with a Pops reference no less

Video here:


1/18/2022 8:36 am  #25

Re: Joe Bamisile

Mason had the number 9 play of the night and Joe's dunk was #2! Surprised the block and dunk didn't make it. So many highlights to choose from. What a game!



1/18/2022 8:48 am  #26

Re: Joe Bamisile

That was an incredible dunk, but I still think the blocked three/speed down the court/windmill dunk to spark the comeback is better. 

But I’ll also say Joe’s dunk over Henry was better than the Westbrook one that got #1


1/18/2022 9:42 am  #27

Re: Joe Bamisile

I liked a lot of plays at the end.  I want to mention Hunter's block and later dink off a nice pass.  Harris has a couple of nice plays at the end as we..  In fact the entire team deserves an E for effort.


1/18/2022 10:01 am  #28

Re: Joe Bamisile

We've known from the beginning that Joe is an electrifying player who obviously feeds off of emotion.  He is willing to put himself out there whether he gets the last laugh or whether he doesn't as was the case at Maryland.  I don't believe you ought to stifle the creativity and joy that are the byproducts of Joe's exciting plays, and JC has been very smart not to try to do this.

My hope for Joe is that he develops a greater understanding of the game.  There were many times yesterday where Joe received a pass along the baseline.  Mason knew to send a second defender to cut him off.  Joe would try to make his move anyway, against a double team.  The result was often a wild shot attempt or a turnover.  Joe has to learn to throw the ball back out or find an open man in these situations, as opposed to almost always attempt to score 1 on 2.

This should not be construed as "Joe nearly cost GW the game" for without him, they never would have been in the game.  It's just an example of something I hope to see improve as he gains more experience.



1/18/2022 12:49 pm  #29

Re: Joe Bamisile

Thx for posting, amazing

Is there still a college dunk contest end of year?

I think we've got the leading contender

The game winning layup was sweet too, notice the lightning quick first step and the body control in the air

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1/20/2022 8:10 pm  #30

Re: Joe Bamisile

15 points, 6 boards 1.5 blocks 1.5 steals
44% FGs

1.1 Win Shares


2/02/2022 8:06 pm  #31

Re: Joe Bamisile

What an electric talent.

What's the Ceiling for JoeBam as a player?  Which former GW player does he most remind you of?


2/03/2022 3:56 pm  #32

Re: Joe Bamisile

JoeBam, in addition to 15 points and 6 boards a game
is :

1. 7th in Steals
2. 11th in blocks



2/03/2022 5:19 pm  #33

Re: Joe Bamisile

He was one 3 pointer away from tying Kwame Evans and Greg Collucci for most 3 pointers in a game (8). It's a shame that last 3 pointer he took with about a minute to go didn't go in, although I wasn't surprised because he didn't look set when he took it.


2/03/2022 6:11 pm  #34

Re: Joe Bamisile

DC Native wrote:

He was one 3 pointer away from tying Kwame Evans and Greg Collucci for most 3 pointers in a game (8). It's a shame that last 3 pointer he took with about a minute to go didn't go in, although I wasn't surprised because he didn't look set when he took it.


What a fun,electric player to watch


2/22/2022 10:14 am  #35

Re: Joe Bamisile

GWAA and JF each referenced this during the URI game.  It's also happened before and others here have referenced it as well.  I am old enough that I understand it, and even agree with it when it comes to many players.  But not when it comes to Joe.

With a second half lead against URI, Joe Bamisile had a breakaway dunk in front of him, the kind that has put his own past highlights on SportsCenter several times this season.  Only this time, the "Not Top 10" people needed to be paying attention since Joe missed the dunk.  

We've all thought similar things under similar circumstances...just lay in the easy two, that's a royal fuck-up, and the dreaded, "let's hope that doesn't come back to bite us."  The very worst ramification is that such a selfish play might cost us a game one day.  I know, I've been there and thought all of these things.

A timeout was called immediately after the play and the GW coaches, removing themselves away from the bench area and gathered in a circle.  I could see a few smirks, as if to either say "we've told him 1,000 times" or "this better not cost us this game", as if this were an inside joke.  Nobody yelled at Joe or even explained why this might have been wrong.  And, in my estimation, nobody should have.

Early in the season, Joe was pegged as this exuberant, joyful player who made sure he was having fun on the court.  He elevated the cheers of home fans and was not the slightest bit intimidated to take road fans on as well.  He understands the impact that a sensational play has on his teammates, the coaches, the fans, and most of all, himself.  Maybe GW69 can help me out here, but Joe appears to have an insatiable need to use his rare athleticism to pull momentum his way.  I don't see an egotist whose primary interest is getting on ESPN.  I see a player who knows how his exciting play can lift his team.  

If you're his coach, you just can't take this away from him.  Why would you even want to?  Yes, the day might come when a blown dunk become the difference between a win and a loss.  However, doesn't this need to be weighed against all of those moments when Joe's high wire antics help turn losses into wins?  The problem is that a blown dunk is an easy target to look back upon and say if we just had those two points....even though turnovers, missed free throws, etc. all contribute to losses as well.  An uncontested  missed dunk or layup should never happen whereas a missed free throw will still happen 20% of the time for an 80% shooter. 

I guess this is called taking the bad with the good.  If you want Joe's incredibly athletic play, if you want to go crazy after he throws down a thunderous dunk, if you want to see his teammates become even more motivated as a result of what they've just witnessed, and if you want to see plays that sometimes swing momentum and help turn losses into wins, then you have to be OK with the occasional missed dunk, even if it should cost GW a game.    That's called "letting Joe be Joe."   


2/22/2022 10:36 am  #36

Re: Joe Bamisile

It wasn’t even that complex of a dunk! He didn’t try another windmill, or 360, or between the legs. He just reached back and tried to do a two handed thunder jam and the ball hit the back of the rim. Shit happens sometimes.

I don’t think Dayton fans were telling Obi Toppin to just “lay it in and take the points” when he was on a breakaway vs. GW a few years ago lol.

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2/22/2022 4:04 pm  #37

Re: Joe Bamisile

Dunks are momentum plays. Nobody likes to give one up especially in traffic. They can have a huge impact on the game in terms of energy.

I have zero problem with Joe attempting dunks especially when in the clear. So far this season he's been pretty good/accurate. This is another example of outcome determinative logic. If you liked the dunks he made it's unreasonable to now complain about the dunks he missed. You take the bad with the good or you tell him not to dunk at all under any circumstance with the game in play.


2/22/2022 4:54 pm  #38

Re: Joe Bamisile

A third choice would be the type of dunks that others make, which can still be emphatic.


3/03/2022 7:59 pm  #39

Re: Joe Bamisile

JoeBam, after a 30 point game, has a stat line of 16+ Points 5+ Boards 1+ Block 1+ Steal

Gaudy stuff, has any GW player carried a season stat line like that?  Garino is the closest I can think of



3/16/2022 8:59 am  #40

Re: Joe Bamisile

[color=inherit]Travis Branham[/color][/url] [url=]@TravisBranham_ George Washington guard Joe Bamisile has entered the transfer portal, source told @247SportsPortal. Former four-star recruit that averaged 16.1 points, 5.0 rebounds and 1.3 assists this season.

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