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6/30/2022 1:45 pm  #1

UCLA and USC to Big 10

This is crazy news but makes sense in this power/money-driven college world.  This is one of those major dominos and I can easily see this being the destruction of the Pac-12.

If I'm the Big 12 right now, I'm looking at Stanford, Utah, Arizona, and Arizona State to create a 16-team Big 12 once Texas and OU finish their SEC migration.  That would leave 6 teams in the Pac 12, without a whole lot of good options.  Their TV package would fall apart, the Big 12 would become a better conference than it is now, and we'd be left with a Power-4 set of conferences.

Should be interesting to see how this plays out.



6/30/2022 2:09 pm  #2

Re: UCLA and USC to Big 10

Once again football is going to screw up basketball.

Once the super leagues are formed, what incentive is there for the big boys to schedule any games against the A10's of the world?  Just play teams from the NEC, 1-2 MTEs amongst themselves, and then their conference schedules. I think it makes it almost impossible for the A10 to get 4+ teams in the tournament.

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