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10/12/2022 11:31 am  #1

A-10 Media Day 10/13/2022

A-10 Live will return to ESPN+ with Mike Corey as host. All 15 coaches will appear on the live show, as will Atlantic 10 Commissioner Bernadette V. McGlade. Head Coach Chris Caputo is slated to join the program at 10:30 a.m. along with Dayton's Anthony Grant and Massachusetts' Frank Martin.

The league has also partnered with the Field of 68 for a new podcast, A-10 Insider. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google through Anchor, the free podcast will cover the entire season, beginning with a live show Thursday. Hosts Jeff Goodman and Rob Dauster will interview all 15 coaches, including Caputo, who is set to join the show at 11:30 a.m. 

A-10 Men's Basketball Media Day Set for Thursday - George Washington University Athletics (

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Re: A-10 Media Day 10/13/2022

Thanks for this GW0509.  In addition, I don't think much if anything has been commented on here regarding the A10 Talk Podcast.  Several teams were previewed either earlier this week or last week, including GW.  The various school representatives appear to be either current students or recent ones.  On GW, here is what I heard that caught my attention:

1) Rumor Alert:  The school's new nickname may boil down to a current student vote.  Only a rumor at this point but you may want to have your voice heard if this is unacceptable to you.

Sidenote:  The panelists seem to rally around the George Washington Fog.  Or, would it be Fogg?

2) An interpretative contradiction regarding Max Edwards.  Says he is slated to be the team's 7th or 8th man but later in the preview, lots of comparisons towards his taking on the Joe Bamisile role.  My sense is that his talent level s a lot closer to Bamisile than this team's 7th or 8th man, but it's conceivable that CC either wants to bring him along slowly or defer to upperclassmen.  

3) EJ Clark was mentioned as the backup point guard, certainly implying that he will be seeing some minutes.

4) As for the starting point guard, it looks like this will be Brendan Adams.  Love it!  James gets to play off the ball and Brendan is too smart a player to be overwhelmed.  If it turns out that I'm wrong and Brendan gets too easily flustered by defensive pressure, the team can always move away from this.

5) Thought the conversation regarding Georgetown as a future opponent was a rehash of an earlier interview with CC and while the panel made this out to be Breaking News, it was a bit of a nothingburger.  What's new is that the two head coaches are either apparently friends or at the very least, speak to one another.  That said, I see no evidence that either: a) Georgetown will agree to a home and home with GW; or b) GW will receive a huge check for agreeing to play at Gtown at Capital One Arena each time.  Without either of these conditions being met, I do not foresee this matchup taking place.



10/12/2022 3:28 pm  #3

Re: A-10 Media Day 10/13/2022

If the new name is a student vote, it is a) wrong, since they are only a small, ungraduated part of the GW community and b)we're screwed.
  Can only imagine.


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Re: A-10 Media Day 10/13/2022

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Re: A-10 Media Day 10/13/2022

GW picked 12th in the preseason poll

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Re: A-10 Media Day 10/13/2022

Fordham and the bonnies should not be above us at the very least


10/13/2022 10:28 am  #7

Re: A-10 Media Day 10/13/2022

CC didn't say anything of substance on the ESPN broadcast.  It was mostly a backslapping contest between him, Grant, and Martin.

One thing Martin said is he spent the summer travelling to rival campuses to recruit kids off the transfer portal. Scummy move if you ask me.

Hopefully the Field of 68 live podcast can ask CC 1-2 questions about the actual team INTRODUCING THE ATLANTIC 10 INSIDER PODCAST! Join the Field of 68 crew LIVE from A-10 media day! - YouTube

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Re: A-10 Media Day 10/13/2022

Caputo is on the Field of 68 podcast now



10/13/2022 11:26 am  #9

Re: A-10 Media Day 10/13/2022

Is Lurch going to other campuses to recruit players who have not announced their transfer?
Isn't that interference (not that Frank would do anything like that), or is that allowed now?


10/13/2022 12:04 pm  #10

Re: A-10 Media Day 10/13/2022

With the complete understanding that this is definitely the time of year to drink all of the Kool-Aid, there's a lot to like about CC.  Thought he did very well today.  He has a sneaky-good sense of humor and seems clearly ready to take on the role of a head coach.  What was very impressive is that he appears to know exactly how to sell GW on recruits.  He's selling the city campus, the city, the academics viewed within the prism of his program (how many top 60 academic institutions play in multi-bid leagues?  Maybe 15?)  He often mentions 5 Maryland players starting for the Final 4 team at George Mason.

Enjoyed him saying that he doesn't know how to win but he does know how to eliminate losing.  Great philosophy that reinforces the notion that too many turnovers and mental mistakes will almost always result in losing.  Unlike Jamion who assembled a staff based largely on coaches he knew and had worked with before, CC has assembled his staff based on coaches who knew the A10, the DMV, or both, without worrying that he hadn't coached with them in the past.  I think this is going to make a big difference.

Also said that the team he has for the most part inherited has been great to work with.  Great to hear.  Interesting analysis on Max.  Because he hardly played last year, he views him as a true freshman, based on experience even though this is not really the case.  But on that basis, he feels that Max would be an outstanding true freshman to have.

My biggest concern has to do with how he handles himself and his team once they face adversity.  Unlike Coach L. who was everyone's favorite uncle (at least when the cameras were rolling), will CC keep his cool, lose his temper, or a bit of both?  Will his players love playing for him even when things aren't going their way?  Not at all expecting him to be a perfect gentleman under any and all circumstances (in reality, no coach truly is) but the one thing that nobody has seen out of CC is how he will comport himself as a head coach.  Will he be tolerant and patient?  Will he blow a quick fuse?  Will he effectively read his players and know that the best ways to motivate will likely vary from player to player?  

Am certainly excited to watch him begin his journey.


10/13/2022 4:17 pm  #11

Re: A-10 Media Day 10/13/2022

I agree Coach Caputo spoke very well in his interview today. He really underscored how much Bishop and Adams love the game and how hard they work. We actually have a very experienced team: besides Bishop and Lindo, Harris, Dean, Brown and the incoming point guard all have played at least two years of college hoops and several of them are post graduates.


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