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10/18/2022 7:26 am  #1

Media Day

Today (10/18) on ESPN+.  McCombs set to be on at 4pm.

GW picked 11th.

Mayowa Taiwo is preseason 3rd Team and all-defense

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10/21/2022 11:38 am  #2

Re: Media Day

Just got around to watching the interviews and was buoyed by the optimism of Coach McCombs and our two players (Blethen and Taiwo). It'll come to no-one's surprise that defense will be our identity, but there are several mentions of how the newcomers will improve our offense this year and a bigger emphasis on interior offense (and successfully finishing our shots around the rim). Coach also mentioned that Nya Robertson would be an impact player, while Taiwo spoke to Nya's athleticism and speed. Coach also said that Taiwo was the most prolific scorer over the summer (Taiwo mentioned that she worked on her jump shot and free throw shooting). I think the team has a chance to exceed expectations (they're picked to finish 11th), but it really will depend on the overall improvements in offense. As a barometer, LaSalle is picked to finish 2nd this year, but LaSalle, with essentially the same team from last year returning, was the final GW victory of last season.

As an aside, yesterday I received a handwritten "thank you" note from Coach McCombs for my contribution to the Buff and Blue Fund Challenge. Really nice touch. She said that the team had prepared "for an amazing year" and "can't wait to get started". Indeed. The clock is ticking.



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