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11/09/2022 2:47 pm  #1

Nice work George's Army

Just a shoutout to gwgeorgesarmy on social media. Following on instagram and love the content, promotion and excitement. Give them a follow if you are not already. Hopefully we can continue to get the students excited. GW basketball created some of my best memories and the Smith Center is a really tough place to play when the students are rocking. 


11/09/2022 5:56 pm  #2

Re: Nice work George's Army

Thanks. Should get good crowds tomorrow and Friday.


11/09/2022 7:15 pm  #3

Re: Nice work George's Army

Kudos again, to the Student section and gwgeorgearmy indeed for the great turnout. 

Student section was rockin' awesome to see


11/10/2022 9:50 am  #4

Re: Nice work George's Army

The student section was so loud that it reminded me of the memorable GW-GW game.  A number of years ago, we hosted Gardner-Webb on a Tuesday morning, 11:00 am start.  This was two days before Thanksgiving so most students were home or on their way home.  We held some type of school event where I am presuming DC middle schools were invited to bring their students to the game as a field trip.  If you weren't there, picture the upper level of the student section filled with screaming 12-14 year olds.  The shrieking was just incredible.  Very fortunate that we won going away because focusing on a close game would have been a near-impossibility.

Was sorry to hear that the opener coincided with Greek night.  Prior Greek nights have historically produced larger student turnouts, only to see a small fraction of these students return for future games.  Maybe conducting this on opening night was a stroke of genius.  While it would be unfair to expect to see everyone return, the hope is that George's Army can make a convincing case to keep the student section active with more students regularly attending games than we've seen in a while.  

This isn't just a line....players, coaches, and even your fellow fans all feed off of the energy that a larger than normal student turnout brings.  Seeing consistently larger than normal turnouts would coincide nicely with this new chapter in GW basketball.


11/10/2022 10:18 am  #5

Re: Nice work George's Army

Games at the Smitty are a good product on many different levels.  Just needs promoting.


11/11/2022 6:53 pm  #6

Re: Nice work George's Army

Another great student turnout.  Well done


11/12/2022 1:19 pm  #7

Re: Nice work George's Army

PKGW wrote:

Another great student turnout.  Well done

Thrilled with the student turnout. I suspect the students are happy to be back on campus with no restriction. Hope all student activities are getting good support.


11/12/2022 8:17 pm  #8

Re: Nice work George's Army

The marketing for games is almost done exclusively by George's Army. Would love the school to help with even posters up for games and giving away schedules. People will go if they hear about the game. 


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