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11/05/2022 7:32 am  #241

Re: Yuta Update

I went to the Wiz-Nets Game last nite
it was terrible - if you are a Wizards Fan - as they lost by 42

Yuta first entered the game with 2:19 left in Q1 and left about halfway thru Q2 

Nets were missing
Kyrie as well as Ben Simmons and Seth Curry due to injuries
as a result Yuta got a lot of playing time and ended up with 14 points

they return in December



11/05/2022 8:35 am  #242

Re: Yuta Update

Is our tallest coach maybe 6'1?    Can they coach big men?  Or maybe Yuta got taller?


11/05/2022 2:54 pm  #243

Re: Yuta Update

Yuta looked bigger and stronger than when he was a student .
how much in wight and height? I have no idea.


11/05/2022 4:48 pm  #244

Re: Yuta Update

I believe that was the worst home loss in Wizards/Bullets franchise history!! Was it just a coincidence that the Nets played their best game of the season the day after they suspended Kyrie? The Nets play again tonight in Charlotte, so we'll see if they can keep this up. Yuta was matched up against fellow countrymen Rui Hachimura as soon as he checked into the game, they looked to be very good friends. 


11/05/2022 6:56 pm  #245

Re: Yuta Update

Yuta is at it again for The Nets tonight

Looks fantastic yet again, draining 3's, disruptive defense, feeding Durant the rock for dimes.   

Yuta helped power a 22-7 run at the end of the game for another comeback win

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11/08/2022 8:11 am  #246

Re: Yuta Update

Bad news. Just when things were looking really good for Yuta--

Looks like the injury could be serious. Let's hope for the best for YUta.

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11/08/2022 10:04 am  #247

Re: Yuta Update

Tweeted that it’s just a sprain


11/08/2022 3:31 pm  #248

Re: Yuta Update

Good find, gents.
Glad it's only a sprain, but every time, he is on the cusp of making a bigger NBA name for himself.
goes back to that damn ankle.
If memory serves, it first happened in the final big losing minutes of an A-10 tournament game (maybe
at the Cap One arena?) under Mojo. 
Hope it heals quickly and doesn't recur.


11/09/2022 4:42 pm  #249

Re: Yuta Update

Jacques Vaughn hired as Head Coach of Nets....  this is good news. Yuta will not have to deal with a new regime.

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11/13/2022 2:04 am  #250

Re: Yuta Update

Watanabe returned to practice after spraining his ankle Monday. Vaughn said Watanabe will miss the Nets’ back-to-back against the Lakers and Clippers this weekend but is “trending in the right direction.”

The forward had carved out a productive reserve role as one of Brooklyn’s top defenders while shooting 12-of-22 (54.5 percent) from 3-point range.

Nets won at the Clippers, and have won 4 of their last 5 games, have turned things around

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11/13/2022 7:42 am  #251

Re: Yuta Update

So are the Nets winning now because of the new coach, no Yuta or no Irving?


11/13/2022 8:00 pm  #252

Re: Yuta Update

BC wrote:

So are the Nets winning now because of the new coach, no Yuta or no Irving?

It was clearly Yuta who was holding the Nets back. HA!  But seriously, there is no doubt that Kyrie Irving being off the team sparked the Nets, they've gone 4-1 without him, 3 of the wins have been by double digits! They play the Lakers tonight on NBA TV at 9:30. What I'm about to say has nothing to do with the controversy surrounding Kyrie, but I'd keep him off the team as long as they keep playing well. I believe Kyrie brings a negative energy to his team, and it disrupts how they play on the court. One of the insiders who post here, who has access to current and former players needs to ask Yuta about this. Maybe he can give an off the record account of how toxic Kyrie is, and how the team felt a sense of relief when he got suspended!! The Nets did put on a dominant, record-setting performance(in DC against the Wizards) the day after Kyrie got suspended, I knew that was no coincidence.  


11/14/2022 12:08 am  #253

Re: Yuta Update

Sure could've used Kyrie tonight in a blowout to the 2-10 Lakers, who played sans Lebron.

Yuta returned from a brief injury and played well, 11 points and 5 boards in 23 minutes.



11/14/2022 11:26 am  #254

Re: Yuta Update

Did my last post jinx the Nets, because last night against the Lakers, they looked like the same dysfunctional team they were with Kyrie!! If the 4 guys starting with Kevin Durant have a few more games like this, then it will be time to bring Kyrie back, or maybe they should start Yuta!!  In all seriousness, I do wonder if the Nets management is non-committal on Kyrie's status because of the antisemitism backlash or do they believe the team can be better without him?


11/17/2022 6:52 pm  #255


11/17/2022 11:57 pm  #256

Re: Yuta Update

The Harden trade really gutted their young core and haven't recovered.  Ben Simmons showing some signs of life, there's an excellent player in him, if he can find it again

Yuta is having another great game tonight, leading a 14-0 run to end the 3rd in Portland.   3's and rim attacks.

20 points 7 boards for Yuta in what I'd assume is a career high.  Pivotal performance as the short handed Nets win at Portland

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11/18/2022 3:58 pm  #257

Re: Yuta Update

Sweet performance by Yuta last night. Keep it up Yuta!


11/20/2022 7:41 pm  #258

Re: Yuta Update

Yuta now leads the NBA in 3%   55.6.

Nets vs Memphis tonight, the return of Kyrie Irving 



11/20/2022 9:20 pm  #259

Re: Yuta Update

Yuta with another great shooting night. 

25 minutes
16 points on 6-9 shooting (4-6 from 3)
3 rebounds
3 assists

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11/20/2022 9:41 pm  #260

Re: Yuta Update

What Yuta has been doing has been truly remarkable.  I was watching a Brooklyn broadcast on YES network and the announcer called him Yuta the Shoota.   

Good postgame on court interview tonight:


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