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12/03/2022 6:18 pm  #1

GW versus Texas Christian University Thread

On Monday, WBB travels to Fort Worth Texas to take on the Texas Christian University (TCU) Horned Frogs. This will be our second road game against a Power 5 team this year. TCU has not fared well of late in the Big 12, and last season, they went 6-22 overall (2-16 in Big 12), to finish last in the 10 team conference. They come into this contest with a 3-4 record, and although the wins are not significant, they have losses against the likes of North Carolina, South Florida, and most recently, an undefeated (7-0) Rice squad.

Like GW, TCU is led by a Taiwo (Tomi), a senior guard who leads the team in scoring at 13.9 ppg, while shooting around 40% from the field and from 3-point range; Lucy Ibeh, at 10.9 ppg and 5.1 rpg; and 6’3” Bella Cravens, who leads the Horned Frogs in rebounding at 6 rpg. As a team, TCU scores at a rate of 60.3 ppg, while allowing 61.6. They shoot 36.6% from the field, 32.4 on 3’s, but only 64.3% on FTs. We have to avoid Taiwo, however, as she’s hitting on 94.1% of her FTs, and she is an aggressive offensive player.

GW comes into this game above the .500 mark at 5-4. For the most part the team has played well, getting significant contributions from a lot of different players. Injuries and illness have plagued the team so far this season, but it has highlighted our depth and afforded precious experience to some of our players. We have two players averaging double figures—Lakstigala at 15.3 ppg and Robertson at 13.0 ppg, and Thornton is closing in at 9.7 ppg. Our Taiwo (8.6 rpg) has been controlling the boards, but TCU’s overall height will be a challenge, so we need others to step up in that regard, as Thornton and Blethen did in the Ohio game. The team’s overall offensive numbers are good and have stayed pretty consistent so far this year. When we stay with our movement offense and minimize the dribbling, we have been really good. Hopefully, everyone is healthy and available. Given where these two teams are at this point, it seems like this game is an opportunity for both teams.

This game will be a homecoming for Nya Robertson, who played at Boswell High School in Fort Worth. She’s clearly the best freshman we’ve recruited in recent memory and has a bright future ahead of her. Let’s hope this visit to Fort Worth is one she’ll never forget.

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12/03/2022 9:24 pm  #2

Re: GW versus Texas Christian University Thread

Thanks for your hard work xAC.


12/03/2022 9:35 pm  #3

Re: GW versus Texas Christian University Thread

BC wrote:

Thanks for your hard work xAC.

BC, it's not really work when you do something you enjoy. As long as I have the free time (us old retirees have a lot of that), it's a fun activity that helps to occupy that "free" time. I really appreciate the kind words.

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12/05/2022 9:58 pm  #4

Re: GW versus Texas Christian University Thread

GW goes down 70-58, BUT…

Hard to assess this game after the major brawl instigated by TCU that essentially left GW benchless. It was BS officiating throughout the whole game, and with Robertson, Brown, Lok, Loving, and Thornton tossed (TCU had three players banished), the rest of the game wasn’t a pretty sight. We only had one field goal after the brawl to close out the half and trailed 40-32. On top of that, the announcer was an idiot who kept on calling us the “Colonels” and thought that American University was in the same conference as GW.
As you might imagine, the 3rd quarter was pretty ugly, and it was difficult for both teams to score. Case in point, GW’s leading scorer in the period was Piper Macke, with 5 points. Our lineup for most of the quarter was Macke, Engel, Blethen, Gingras, and Lakstigala. With all that, we still managed to stay even, trailing 52-44 at the end of the period. We had some opportunities in the 4th because we played some solid defense, but we lacked any offensive flow and we really didn’t have any easy shots. In the end, free throws made the difference with TCU outscoring us 22-11. Taiwo (ours) had to sit out a lot because of foul trouble, and we had some problems with their height.

This game was a huge disappointment on many levels. It was a highly anticipated game, and one we easily could have won. What a bummer for Nya Robertson (who IMO didn’t deserve to be thrown out of the game) to have this happen in front of her parents and friends. She was just starting to light it up and had 8 points when she was tossed from the game. Props to Macke, who came in and did a good job under the circumstances. Lakstigala had a bad shooting day (6-17), but it’s obvious she’s better when our offense is spread out and there is good ball movement. There wasn’t much of that in the second half today. I’m sure everyone will be happy to be home.

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12/06/2022 10:16 am  #5

Re: GW versus Texas Christian University Thread

Some elaboration on the incident: The TCU player (Cravens), who played the game with a long ponytail, was irate that Essence hand got tangled in her hair, which was unequivocally unintentional. She then charged at Brown, pushed her and started throwing her fists around. Brown was right to defend herself and not be intimidated. Robertson, Loving, Thornton who were also ON the court, tried to keep other TCU players from joining the fray. Why they were tossed (along with the other two TCU players) is a mystery. Only Lok left the bench, so I guess her expulsion was justified. 

To me, if you're going to wear a long ponytail during the game, you need to expect that it might "come into play" at times. Het response to the play was totally unnecessary and uncalled for.

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