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12/05/2022 8:26 pm  #1

5 GW players tossed out of TCU game

Big fight and GW loses 5 players. Guess who will win this game.


12/05/2022 9:36 pm  #2

Re: 5 GW players tossed out of TCU game

If we had only lost 1-2 players I think we win this game.  One of the WRGW kids posted the rulebook and it looks like only Essence Brown should've been tossed.


12/05/2022 10:37 pm  #3

Re: 5 GW players tossed out of TCU game

Is there a video of this that can be seen online? Were only GW players tossed?


12/05/2022 11:45 pm  #4

Re: 5 GW players tossed out of TCU game

GW Alum Abroad wrote:

Is there a video of this that can be seen online? Were only GW players tossed?

Should eventually be on ESPN+ but Daniel Frank’s tweet has the video

TCU lost 2 players. The reason GW lost more is it happened near our bench and the refs said our players left the bench to join the fight. In reality, almost everyone except maybe Essence Brown we’re trying to de-escalate.

Also the female ref closest to the fight runs away and lets things escalate more. If she had jumped in front of the TCU player none of this happens.

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12/06/2022 4:41 am  #5

Re: 5 GW players tossed out of TCU game

Terrible ref'ing. The whole game was terrible. Credit to the players and the staff for getting through to the end,


12/06/2022 9:33 am  #6

Re: 5 GW players tossed out of TCU game

According to NCAA rule 10.4.8, players, or any team personnel, who leave the bench during a brawl are subject to an automatic ejection.  The exceptions are the head coach and one assistant, who can leave the bench to deescalate the situation.  (Digression - does the head coach designate an assistant coach before the game?). There are no exceptions for players trying to deescalate a situation

There was a similar situation in the Notre Dame - Northwestern game that happened near the Wildcats bench.  Two Northwestern players were ejected after leaving the bench.  Their motives were not an issue, and could be hard to interpret.

Players are probably told about the rule during the preseason.  That said, it's hard to blame a player for leaving the bench to help a teammate who seems to be in distress.

The NCAA had to do something about bench clearing brawls, but maybe there needs to be more discussion about automatic ejections.  The team whose bench is nearer to the brawl is at a disadvantage because events could spill over on to the bench and lead to more ejections for them.

I didn't see the brawl live, only from the tweet.  During the broadcast I saw during the second half, the brawl wasn't mentioned.  Neither game story from the schools mentioned the brawl.  According to the official play by play, TCU had 3 players disqualified to GW's 5.  I'm sure those broadcasters were as confused and confusing as everyone else.

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12/06/2022 10:03 am  #7

Re: 5 GW players tossed out of TCU game

If the players who left the bench were the ones ejected that's fine. But the only GW player on the bench at the time that was ejected was Nya Lok. 4/5 of the players on the floor at the time were ejected for taking part in the fight (for some reason Faith Blethen wasn't).

Tragic refereeing that may have prevented GW from picking up a P5 win and abruptly ended Nya Robertson's homecoming that she was promised by the coaching staff as a part of her commitment. Robertson left the floor in tears

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12/06/2022 10:17 am  #8

Re: 5 GW players tossed out of TCU game

I normally don't like to blame refs whether GW is winning or losing but they were an embarrassment last night. As GW0509 mentioned, the female ref tried half-heartedly (which is a kind way to describe the effort) to break things up before just running away. If all three refs get in the middle to break things up, perhaps no ejections happen. There would probably be a double technical and then the game just plays on as normal, although there's no guarantee of that because Cravens was clearly looking to get into a fight. From no angle did the hair pulling look intentional. Cravens was by the way a two-time Big Ten Sportsmanship Award recipient at Nebraska before she came to TCU - hilarious! She is on her third school, having started at Eastern Washington.

The refs need to be held accountable for this game. I'm stunned that these kinds of plays aren't looked at by a separate group of people at the national stage who actually know the rules. It's easy to send footage to a centralized system. The refs can make the initial call for players who were actively in the fight, but I think for multiple ejections they shouldn't be making the final call. Also can someone tell me why TCU got to shoot 4 technical FTs while we only shot 2?

But it goes beyond that one moment in the game. It certainly felt like TCU was getting all the foul calls in the first half. It wasn't until later in the game where the fouls were being called a bit more evenly. Jump balls were being called within half a second when neither team had a chance to gain possession and when a call was made one ref would run to another to make sure they saw eye-to-eye on a call. I can only assume these refs were inexperienced.

Definitely think this game could have been won if we had more players available for the second half. I feel terrible for Nya Robertson, who was playing well from the start and looked better/quicker than TCU's guards. TCU did not look particularly impressive as they relied on free throws for much of their offensive production. Unfortunately, they were shooting above their average from there. The only thing they really did well was press effectively, granted it was against backups. Also the lettering on their uniforms was really ugly.

Hope the team has a good performance on Friday because they certainly deserve it. The remaining rotation did a phenomenal job keeping things close the rest of the game when it could have been a blowout.


12/06/2022 10:24 am  #9

Re: 5 GW players tossed out of TCU game

Gonna put this out there for consideration. GW players ON THE COURT PLAYING during the altercation were Essence Brown, Jayla Thornton, Nya Robertson, Caia Loving, and Faith Blethen. The ONLY GW player among that group NOT ejected was Faith. Rules about coming off the bench would only account for Nya Lok being thrown out. Brown did not intentionally pull the TCU player’s hair though her opponent’s reaction and the video certainly indicates it happened while Brown was defending and going after the ball after the TCU player grabbed the offensive rebound over Essence’s  back.  The announcer claimed the TCU player was “going over to talk” to Brown  after the play. Yeah, only thing missing was a Texas open carry instrument in her hands. Brown defended herself and both women threw punches. Their ejections were no-brainers. Ejections were meted out to players on both teams who were in the middle of things trying to separate the combatants. Faith was in that scrum. In total, 8 players were thrown out of the game. Let’s just say that the 3 TCU players looked more like the 5 ejected GW players than they did Faith Blethen. The refs let the situation get out of hand. They then compounded their failings by the wholesale targeted ejections. Embarrassing!


12/06/2022 10:32 am  #10

Re: 5 GW players tossed out of TCU game

I suspect some suspensions will be handed down after this. An ugly incident (and I am a fan of "old school" hockey). I have only seen the brief Twatter clips so I do not know if things were chippy before the fists started flying, but the refs should have been more on top of things and nipped this in the bud.
The TMZ is even covering it (probably the first time they have covered GW since that TV comedian was dating an undergrad...)


12/06/2022 11:19 am  #11

Re: 5 GW players tossed out of TCU game


12/06/2022 12:37 pm  #12

Re: 5 GW players tossed out of TCU game

Maybe there should be a rule about hair styles in a situation where there is a lot of contact like basketball. I'm surprised there are not more incidents like this. If you don't want your hair pulled, then tie it up for the game. Just inviting trouble.

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12/06/2022 1:12 pm  #13

Re: 5 GW players tossed out of TCU game

Not rooting for GW WBB to be a team of brawlers (this isn't like GW games of the 70s at Fort Myer), but I'm happy to see so many of Essence's teammates jump in and scrap on her behalf. Sign of a healthy team culture, imho.


12/06/2022 4:53 pm  #14

Re: 5 GW players tossed out of TCU game

GW Alum Abroad wrote:

Is there a video of this that can be seen online? Were only GW players tossed?

ESPN article has the full video from the broadcast Eight players ejected after TCU-George Washington skirmish (


12/07/2022 1:02 am  #15

Re: 5 GW players tossed out of TCU game

Down below is the ESPN+ feed of the fight posted on YouTube. It seems as if every news site mentioned this fight on their default homepage.



12/07/2022 10:15 am  #16

Re: 5 GW players tossed out of TCU game

The game is on ESPN+ on my TV - thank you xAC.


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