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1/04/2023 11:22 pm  #61

Re: GW vs Richmond Game Thread

GW0509 wrote:

Buff&BlueBandit wrote:

Coach had been pretty good earlier in the season pulling Bishop for a second when hero ball tendencies appeared, but I missed it if he was sat or talked to tonight. In some instances, Bishop needs to carry this team on his back, but tonight he needed to give the ball up more when the double teams on his left hand side kept coming. 

I agree but who’s Bishop getting pulled for? Other than Harris the only guards on our team now are walk ons.

In the early part of the season it was Amir, Quanzi, or Clark. And really it was only ever for more than a couple of minutes. Acted like a reset button for Bishop.  


1/04/2023 11:38 pm  #62

Re: GW vs Richmond Game Thread

I don't think it's really worth breaking down in detail what went wrong in the second half of the game because it comes down to depth which this team sadly has none. The team was so clearly gassed that they started leaving shots short. Even the midrange shots we usually make were rimming out. Defense ties into this as well. The effort on perimeter D is lacking allowing the opposition to get deep into the paint, but I can't blame any of the guards for that with the number of minutes they are playing every night at this point.

Seemed like the refs decided to call things significantly closer after halftime. By the time we picked up our ninth team foul for the half I was left wondering whether we would be able to field a full team of scholarship players on the floor. It definitely seemed like things were being called one way and Richmond got a couple of favorable calls. The one in particular that was really tough was the one call on Hunter when it appeared Quinn had traveled going for a reverse layup. Quinn ended up missing both FTs, but it was damaging because it was Hunter's fourth foul just before the under 8 media timeout. Things were already starting to slip away by then but that was pretty much the dagger.

Richmond packed the paint making it hard to get the easy twos after halftime (in addition to wisely making JB go to his right). To CC's credit he seems like the first coach we've had in a while that understands how to break a zone without a team settling for threes. Unfortunately, that requires a forward that is an adept passer at the top of the key to find cutters which is Hunter's role. The offense just operates significantly better when Dean is in the game and he has been just fantastic finishing near the basket this year. That's why that fourth foul was killer. We had to start forcing things when he went out and the flow was missing.

I know court time has to be earned, but when depth is so limited on this team I think there was a role for Keegan to play a few minutes tonight even in a bad matchup. Not because of his three point shooting (although that may have been a bonus) but to use the fouls available from him. We need to do our best to ensure Hunter only has at most 3 fouls going into the final two media timeouts of the game.

Ricky had another solid game. Nice to see the threes start to fall for him lately. Seems like we're going to have to brace for an injury scare with him in every game for the rest of the season. We should all say a collective prayer every time he completes a game without getting hurt because this team will lose whatever sizable floor it has to compete the rest of the way. Max's rebounding efforts are noticed and very much appreciated. Happy for Qwanzi that he was able to play some good minutes for the first time in a while on both sides of the ball. Amir is usually good for a swipe poking the ball from behind once a game.

We are down to nine scholarship players. The EJ and Daniel season-ending injuries are unfortunate (I guess Jabari also falls into that category), but did we really have to leave the last scholarship open? Sign a guy with a year left from any level. It really doesn't matter. I cannot remember the last time we used that last scholarship or the last time it has helped the team pocketing it. It certainly feels like there have been fewer midyear guys who have transferred thus far. Really hoping next year we have 13 players on scholarship. The injury bug has made this a bigger issue.

Overall, I have been impressed with Caputo from a coaching standpoint (this team will 100% end up over-performing as long as there aren't additional injuries) but every time our lack of depth is exposed or players are gassed it goes back to us not doing enough last offseason. We could have chosen to either give the seniors a bit of support to let them go out on a high note or start the rebuild and we really chose neither of those options. We ended up bringing everyone back and patch a couple holes which doesn't really help short-term or long-term. This does not have anything to do with the Max/EJ additions because I think they have been a net positive but rather anything beyond that.

GW0509 wrote:

Agree with FQ.  The 3's were left wide open tonight, we just couldn't hit them, especially late everything was short.  Also have to remember we've basically been on the road for a month.  I think the team is ready for some home cooking and cheering on by George's Army.

We are best in transition but that comes with exerting a lot of energy.  The more we try to slow things down on offense, the worse we get because we're not a very good passing team.  Not sure the best way to remedy this issue.

Looks like we may actually have a good shot to win vs. SLU at home since it will be a whole week of rest between our next game vs. UMass.  But these back-to-back road games don't help with our depleted bench.

Pretty much agree with all of this, especially with the conundrum in the second paragraph.


1/04/2023 11:44 pm  #63

Re: GW vs Richmond Game Thread

Was at the game tonight.  We are a talented, well coached team that is just outmanned.   Given our lack of bench, we cannot afford to have Adams have an off night, and that is what happened tonight.  Yes he received some added attention, but he also missed some wide opened looks that he usually knocks down.  But more significant, the team was simply exhausted in the second half.   Dragging shoulders slumped, etc. When you are tired, you lose your touch on offense (Max had absolutely no shooting touch the last 10 minutes of the game or so), you start playing defense with your arms rather than your legs, resulting in more fouls, and you settle on offense.    Coach has his work cut out for him, but he is going to have to figure out how to get more rest during the game for Bishop, Adams and even Max.   They  played hard and very well until they ran out of gas.  Nothing to hang your head about tonight.  Even had a couple of Spider fans come up to me after the game ahd say how much better we looked this year than in the past.


1/05/2023 8:09 am  #64

Re: GW vs Richmond Game Thread

Just the numbers on our 3 pt shooting problems.
We rank (all games, not just conference games)14th in 3 pt shooting percentage in the A-10.
We have taken the second-most 3 pt shots, behind Duquesne, which leads the A-10 in percentage.
--- And despite our poor 3pt shooting, we lead the A-10 in field goal percentage.


1/05/2023 10:12 am  #65

Re: GW vs Richmond Game Thread

1) The lack of depth is of course a more than legitimate issue.  If there was ever a game where Brendan should have played fewer than 37 minutes, it was last night.  But as others have said, without EJ to turn to, who gets that nod?

2) I do think we need to utilize the bench a bit more and we need to be strategic about this.  It would be more preferable to give JB, Brendan and Max some limited bench time with say 7 minutes left in the first half, or with 13 minutes remaining in the game, when our bench would likely be going up against an opponents bench, than to watch GW lose because our guys are gassed down the stretch.

3) You can steal minutes by limiting possessions while the bench is on the floor.  Lonergan used to be quite proficient at doing this.

4) I can't keep making the same point about three point shooting after a 5-26 game.  GW73's numbers say it all.  

5) While Richmond did make a good adjustment clogging the lane in the second half and inviting GW to shoot open 3's, I don't think it's wise to rationalize so many missed 3's by claiming that they were for the most part open looks.  By shooting 5-26, you are literally doing precisely what Richmond wants you to do.  The better solution would have been to figure out how to work for quality 2's.

6) Two second half plays come to mind:

a) Tyler Burton had his shot blocked and fell to the floor, resulting in a 5 on 4 break for GW.  Brendan took the outlet pass and rather than drive for an easy layup or dish to a teammate for an easy 2, he makes  apoint to dribble the ball to beyond the arc where he proceeds to miss one of his 8 missed 3's on the night.  Figuring that there may have been say a 95% chance of converting a 2 off of a 5 on 4, compared to say a 50% chance of making an uncontested 3, the smart play here is to grab the two points.

b) Despite the sagging Richmond defense, there was a possession where Ricky took the ball in the lane, was guarded by either Grace or Quinn without being double-teamed, took his time, and nailed a turnaround jump shot from about 10 feet away.  Our problem is that these solid, two point shots are not attempted nearly enough. 

7) Even on a night where the team shot 41% overall, Ricky was 3-3 from 2, James was 8-15 from 2, Brendan was 3-5 from 2, Hunter was 4-4 from 2, and the team overall was 20-35 or 57% from 2.  I continue to say that what makes this team's three point shooting woes even more glaring is how efficient they shoot from two point range.

8) The refs did not help matters.  Not that there were so many egregious calls but that they called the game so much more tightly during the second half.  That seemed to really shake our players and disrupted what little rhythm they may have had.

9) Homer Announcer Call of the Night:  There was a first half tie-up which resulted in the announcer stating that GW will get the ball, immediately followed by an overly enthusiastic, "...BUT THE POSSESSION ARROW WILL BE POINTING TO RICHMOND."  Come on dude, one team gets the ball and the other gets the arrow.  Everyone knows that's how it works.


1/05/2023 12:38 pm  #66

Re: GW vs Richmond Game Thread

Not sure why anyone is shocked that we did not shoot well. The are two basic metaphysical laws that almost always apply to GW:

1. We don't shoot well at Richmond
2. What goes up must come down. When we put up 97 against Loyola (and shot 3s better by approximately 2x) it was a given we were going to struggle on the offensive end vs. Richmond.

Given this, I was virtually certain we would score in the low 60s if we were lucky which we did. It's why I posted what I did before the game.

I do expect a better shooting performance Saturday. We are neither a 59% shooting team or a 19% shooting team from three. The real question will be can GW win games while shooting in low 30s from 3. That will depend on our rebounding and defensive efforts along with minimizing turnovers.


1/05/2023 12:54 pm  #67

Re: GW vs Richmond Game Thread

Stop with the "ref's are killing us" garbage. Do we credit them when we win at home with the difference in calls that favor us? Of course not!

UMASS will be a good test - They had a weak out of conference schedule like us so their 10-4 record is deceiving. 2 new coaches with players they inherited. Will be a good test to see how CC's coaching and half time adjustments stacks up to Frank's.


1/05/2023 1:53 pm  #68

Re: GW vs Richmond Game Thread

We still need to figure out, as GWMayhem enumerates with examples (including the breakaway 3-point
attempt from a very cold shooter), how to win if the 3-pointers are not dropping.
One solution is to give Keegan a heat check (and if he continues at least an attempt to rebound/defend down low a bit). Or even Qanzi. Obviously, we have limited options,but we need to try and use what we have. 
   But it would also seem clear that if something isn't working, and it is clear it isn't working, the solution may not be to continue having more 3-point misses.
    2 points are better than none.


1/05/2023 2:26 pm  #69

Re: GW vs Richmond Game Thread

I like two points made by jf and gwmayhem --
-- Even on a night where the team shot 41% overall, Ricky was 3-3 from 2, James was 8-15 from 2, Brendan was 3-5 from 2, Hunter was 4-4 from 2, and the team overall was 20-35 or 57% from 2.  I continue to say that what makes this team's three point shooting woes even more glaring is how efficient they shoot from two point range.
--But it would also seem clear that if something isn't working, and it is clear it isn't working, the solution may not be to continue having more 3-point misses.

    2 points are better than none.



1/05/2023 6:00 pm  #70

Re: GW vs Richmond Game Thread

I saw the game last night and thought we played well in the 1st half.  But it seemed to me that we got tired in the 2nd which wasn't a surprise because of the hard minutes our starters were playing. So many of our shots were short and we didn't defend well.  I know EJ and Daniel are lost for the season but why not give Keegan some minutes?  Keegan probably wouldn't have shot much worse from 3 than the rest of the team did and he could have given a break to some of our big minute players.  I think it might have been worth a try.  And because Ricky seems to almost get seriously injured in most games because he always gives 110%, I think he, in particular could use a some more breaks during the game.


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