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3/04/2023 6:47 am  #1

McCombs to Pitt?

I stink at embedding tweets on here but here is a VERY interesting tweet I saw about McCombs having interest in the head coach opening at Pitt:

It seems like more smoke than fire at this point but the fact that this was reported during the team's game last night seems notable. That has to catch the eye of some players considering returning next season. Obviously it would be hugely disappointing to lose McCombs after only two years but we will see how this progresses in the coming weeks


3/14/2023 11:17 am  #2

Re: McCombs to Pitt?

Following up with this, McCombs has interviewed for the job and will get a second interview according to this article:

FWIW I would take Verdi or Cullop ahead of McCombs but maybe there's a reason I'm not an Athletic Director. It also seems like Pitt is in no rush to make a decision and there could be more candidates further down the road.

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3/14/2023 12:58 pm  #3

Re: McCombs to Pitt?

Looks like it's closer to home at a school where she was on staff for a run of 3 straight NCAA Appearances. To be in the mix for an ACC job after finishing 7th in the A10 with no players on any of the Top 3 All-A10 teams is a pretty good opportunity. 

I sure hope she sticks around, but I'm always going to root for good people to succeed, even somewhere else.


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