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8/31/2023 1:22 pm  #341

Re: Yuta Update

Thanks MG!

Yuta just keeps delivering.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Wasn’t long ago when Yuta hit a jumper in an upset of Wichita State and the announcer said: “and there’s another jumper by Wan tin a bay.”
What a journey!


8/31/2023 2:01 pm  #342

Re: Yuta Update

It is a good update above and also indeed, beautiful thing the way Yuta reflects on GW.
His defiance of odds, tenacity, humble personality, work ethic, relentless motor, unselfish play and real success when given a fair chance--which he took great advantage of last year before his team imploded, should make us all feel proud.
  The NBA hasn't rewarded it financially, even though he is the best corner shooter in the league, but he may have a real shot on his new team.
    Every city where he plays loves Yuta.
    And Phoenix will, too. Already welcoming him.


9/02/2023 7:58 am  #343

Re: Yuta Update

Japan defeats Cape Verde 80-71 and qualifies for the Olympics!


9/02/2023 9:11 am  #344

Re: Yuta Update

Just look at Yuta's emotion here:

So happy for him and the rest of Team Japan


9/06/2023 7:04 am  #345

Re: Yuta Update

Yuta is now a brand ambassador for Tiffany and Co.  I tried to paste a link to the interview that auto-translates to English.

NBA player Yuta Watanabe and "Tiffany" Evolving bond (PR) | WWD JAPAN (



9/06/2023 7:56 am  #346

Re: Yuta Update

Nice.  Brand ambassador for GW for life.


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