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8/22/2023 3:16 pm  #1


Any idea when the schedule comes out?  I assumed it would be around the same time as the men, but that doesn't seem to be the case.


8/29/2023 6:51 pm  #2

Re: Schedule

i checked
last year the Men's A-10 schedule was released on Sept, 7


8/31/2023 3:42 pm  #3

Re: Schedule

from the ESPN Site

Wed, Dec 6    at   Towson 
Thu, Dec 21   vs   Stonehill                  12:00 PM

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9/19/2023 12:36 pm  #4


9/19/2023 2:40 pm  #5

Re: Schedule

So the big road trips are when the Revolutionaries take Manhattan and the three games in Puerto Rico (two against former A-10 teams... hope they kick those turncoats´ butts). What is the deal with scheduling Stonehill-- was this a bundle thing to avoid a repeat of the the Appy St extorsion scheme? Truth be told, I had never heard of Stonehill before the basketball schedules were released.


9/19/2023 5:09 pm  #6

Re: Schedule

Stonehill plays in the Northeast Conference, with the likes of Wagner, Central Connecticut, Long Island U, and Fairleigh Dickinson among others. I believe this season will be the 3rd (?) year that Stonehill has competed in D1.

Former Colonial Maddie Loder played for Stonehill as a graduate transfer this past season. She was a starter, and averaged 10 points a game. No idea whether that had anything to do with why this game was scheduled.



9/19/2023 5:24 pm  #7

Re: Schedule

Former GW WBB player Maddie Loder actually transferred to Stonehill for her grad year before last season but she has since graduated/ran out of eligibility.

Not a huge fan of taking a trip to UMES (or Towson) but I realize that's how it goes sometimes. Playing a D2 school at home for the third year in a row is awful (and they managed to find a team that lost by 20 to Wilmington, who GW beat by 44 last season). I understand that there are difficulties in CBB scheduling in this day in age (as has been discussed at length on here) but surely there is a low major D1 team they can play who will at least count towards their metrics. This team is at the point now where I could see them competing in the A10 and with some luck they could make a run at the A10 title. They don't need to be playing bad D2 teams and it would be a shame to see them have their postseason chances/seeding affected by playing games like this.

With all that complaining over with, I think the MTE is exciting. I always love to see games against P5 schools and SIU and Charlotte are no slouches either. Should be a fun year


9/21/2023 3:05 pm  #8


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