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11/17/2023 4:04 pm  #61

Re: Other Games Thread

Long Suffering Fan wrote:

Fun with numbers:  Per KenPom, A-10 is rated 10th best conference, behind the power 6, Mountain West, West Coast Conference and AAC.  The highest rated team is Dayton at 64 while the lowest is Fordham at 197.  At 172, GW is 12th best in the conference, ahead of only Fordham, Lasalle and UMass (who is 173).  A good upcoming test will be Ohio, rated at 116. (Hope you all remember your FloHoops user name and password).  Despite some lofty efficiency numbers, our overall ranking is being weighed down by a strenght of schedule ranking of 328, with our 3 wins coming against Stonehill (349), William and Mary (280) and Hofstra (at 155).   FWIW...last season the A-10 finished ranked at 13th, so there is some progress.

Just remember that at this point, preseason projections still weigh HEAVILY into the KenPom model.  They drop out sometime in mid to late December.  If you took the preseason projections out of it, the A10 would be easily ahead of the American and possibly others (and GW would be ranked a good bit higher - hopefully we beat UNH and beat them by more than 9 so we keep climbing.)

By the way, Dayton about to beat St John’s.  After his worst game yesterday and struggling early, DaRon Holmes came alive big time and Nate Santos is making play after play after play down the starch.  Dayton up 10 with 1:15 to go.


11/17/2023 9:01 pm  #62

Re: Other Games Thread

Long Beach State beats Michigan!   94-86!!


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11/17/2023 9:20 pm  #63

Re: Other Games Thread

Rough night for the A10.  St Joe’s inexplicably loses to Texas A&M-Commerce City (reminder, anyone can beat anyone in college basketball), Davidson misses a three at the buzzer to lose at East Tenn St, and UMASS is about to lose at home to Harvard.


11/17/2023 9:31 pm  #64

Re: Other Games Thread

Malik Mack went off for Harvard tonight: 32 points.  I know he wasn't in the picture with Jacoi, Trey, and Christian signing but he looks legit.  Batties from Gonzaga added 7 for the Crimson. 



11/17/2023 10:27 pm  #65

Re: Other Games Thread

Rough night for the Terps. Lots of Maryland fans thinking Mark Turgeon wasn’t so bad after all right about now….


11/18/2023 1:28 am  #66

Re: Other Games Thread

Willard in his first season took Maryland to the 2nd round of the NCAA Tourney.  Bumpy start this year, but basically lost two games by a combined 6 points vs 2 pretty good teams.

Unless you're a blue  blood program that expects a lot more, going to the Tourney year after year, and going to the 2nd round or beyond (5x in 6 years for Turgeon, with 1 Covid no tourney year) should not lead you to lose your job.   Turgeon was 82-50 in The Big10 and  226-116 overall

If you have guys like Turgeon or Willard I'd hang on to them, look what happened to formerly great programs like Georgia Tech, Wake and Georgetown when they thought the grass should be a lot greener like it used to be several decades ago 

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11/18/2023 7:45 am  #67

Re: Other Games Thread

Maryland was losing 49-17 at one point in the second half. It was 53-22 with a little over 8 minutes to play. I don’t mind losses, as every team loses, but a beatdown like that for a program like Maryland is unacceptable.

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11/18/2023 8:16 am  #68

Re: Other Games Thread

LOVE this from the Southland Conference


11/18/2023 4:13 pm  #69

Re: Other Games Thread

GW0509 wrote:

LOVE this from the Southland Conference

that is cold!

Columbia beat Temple in Philly.  Columbia.  Has any program fallen further than Temple has? Leaving the A10 has not gone well for this once great program.  The Aaron McKie years really dropped off a cliff, why do programs think Great players with long NBA careers is a good idea? These guys almost never work out.  Mullin, Ewing, McKie, Danny Manning.    If you've made a lot of $ in the NBA, not sure how willing you are to pound out the necessary grind that is takes for a College Coach to succeed.

A10 went 4 for 5 today, with Northwestern beating Rhode Island, first loss of the year for the Rams.

Jameer Nelson JR is starting at TCU.  13 points a game, shooting 62% from 2 and 90% from the line.  Has developed into a legit  high major caliber player.  2nd leading scorer for TCU, a top 25 KenPom

Jamison Battle starting for Ohio St,  11 points 5 boards a game


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11/19/2023 6:08 pm  #70

Re: Other Games Thread

Former GW baller Lincoln Ball and his American Eagles are currently beating Georgetown 57-47 with 8:14 left in the second half. I don’t really care about playing or not playing the Hoyas but it would be nice if there was a city holiday tournament


11/19/2023 6:12 pm  #71

Re: Other Games Thread

The game is on FS2. Georgetown is exhibiting the same selfish play, disorganized offense and poor shot selection that they displayed under Patrick Ewing!!


11/19/2023 6:17 pm  #72

Re: Other Games Thread

Agree with Thomas.  Georgetown is taking all sorts of ill advised shots, no rebounding, losing guys on defense etc.  

In addition to Ball, AU also has former GW recruit Greg Jones who got a few minutes in the game. 

This would be two straight losses to AU for the Hoyas.


11/19/2023 6:38 pm  #73

Re: Other Games Thread

You guys jinxed them…


11/19/2023 6:40 pm  #74

Re: Other Games Thread

That is why you foul up 3.  

Also AU wins in regulation if Epps doesn't go nuclear.


11/19/2023 7:26 pm  #75

Re: Other Games Thread

Never give up on an Ed Cooley team!  

Agree the DC City thing should happen, like the Philly 5.  Get these rivalries to the extent they can happen going.   

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11/19/2023 10:50 pm  #76

Re: Other Games Thread

Brutal 0-5 day for the A10.  Most of the losses were expected (Dayton to Houston, URI to Wazzu, SLU to Wichita), though the margins were bad.

But then George Mason lost a 50-50 game to Charlotte (KenPom had Mason as a 1 pt favorite) and Fordham lost a 50-50 game by 14 to Abilene Christian (FU was a one point dog).

Mason had been one of the more impressive A10 teams early and Fordham was touted by some as a top team, but also lost to Cornell.

The only undefeated teams left in the league are us and LaSalle (who survived by 1 over Southern Indiana).  We’ve been more impressive, but LaSalle beat a decent Drexel team (who we also beat in the scrimmage). 

We really need the win over Ohio.


11/19/2023 11:07 pm  #77

Re: Other Games Thread

Most of the A-10 losses on Sunday were to teams with a better KenPom rating, although generally not much better.  #57 Dayton lost to #1 Houston; #177 URI lost to #70 Washington State; #121 Mason lost to #127 Charlotte;  #182 Fordham lost to # 139 Abiene Christian and #134 St. Louis lost to #100 Wichita State.  I believe that all games were on neutral courts.  Very disappointing indeed.  I was looking forward to watching both Dayton and St. Louis, on opposite each other on ESPN and ESPN 2.   Neither game was competitive.   It was a day in which the A-10 needed to step up and win some of those games to show that last year's one bid league was a fluke.  Sadly, they flopped on all accounts.  Although all teams in the A-10 are still at or above 500, only 2 are in the top 100 and it is starting to look like last season once again.

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11/20/2023 10:25 am  #78

Re: Other Games Thread

- Is Wazzu better than last year? That seems like a bad result for URI even in a loss. Maybe they just played poorly against us in Hawaii because outside of their big the talent appeared comparable to GW. Talk about the ball never bouncing our way, that game was the prime example of that especially at the end.

- Louisville almost beat Texas yesterday. Don't know that a win would have been beneficial long-term for Card fans though they did look better under Payne for at least one game.

- Indiana looks bad so far. Probably not worse than Maryland to start the year but still pretty bad. They are 3-1 but beat three mid-majors by single digits, including a not so good Army team.

- Qwanzi's playing time has continued to dip at IUPUI despite continuing to start. Was hoping he would get more run there.

- William & Mary may never shoot as well as they did against us ever again. They lost by 11 to freaking Lindenwood.

- Hunter didn't play in LSU's overtime win over Wake.

- Jamison tied for the team lead with 13 points as Ohio State easily beat Western Michigan.

- DePaul is somehow still terrible. Losing to Purdue Fort Wayne, Long Beach State, and San Francisco isn't a great way to start although the latter two are probably not bad teams this year in the mid-major world.

- I only caught the end of the second half of the American-Georgetown game but credit Cooley for that out of bounds play to find Epps for the tying 3. AU needed to do a better job denying him the ball and daring someone else to shoot. Committing a foul there might have been tougher based on play design so I get why they didn't. Happy to see Lincoln get quite a bit of run.

- Vermont and Liberty are just very well-coached teams. ML was mentioned the other day when the Catamounts faced SLU and easily beat them. There were rumors that Becker was a candidate for the GW job given his connections to DC, but the allegations surrounding the VT basketball team in past years probably kept him from being a serious contender for the job. No doubt that he can coach though.

- I did actually watch a good part of the second half of Fordham-Abilene Christian. It was a pretty low-level of quality basketball game. Abilene didn't really do too much defensively to make Fordham struggle. The Rams were just that bad offensively, reminding me a bit of the Neubauer days. I mean their offense was rough and they were missing everything. Hopefully last year wasn't an anomaly, because Urgo did a really good job building excitement around the program. The league can't afford them to go back to being the DePaul of the A10.

- Jackson State beat Missouri. Seems like there's always a SWAC team that upsets a high-major school every year.

- South Carolina is 5-0 on the year. The game at their place figures to be a very tough test for a young GW team.

- What happened to St. Mary's? There was a lot of hype about them but they've now lost three in a row (granted to good teams, and yes that includes Weber State who has a stud in Dillon Jones). I think the Gaels are prime example of why it's better to have a team that may have lapses defensively here and there over one that is only defense and struggles to score. Virginia won the championship playing the second way, but I think more often than not it leads to close games/upsets when the other team is making enough shots. Having said that, they are due for some better luck when it comes to making threes (just 26% on the year).

- Could this be it for Ford at SLU? Wichita State has a brand new coach and plays in a comparable conference. A loss isn't unexpected, but losing by nearly 20?


11/20/2023 2:44 pm  #79

Re: Other Games Thread

Does appear Indiana is down, lost some NBA guys from their 2ne round NCAA tournament team

Getting blown out by the national champion UConn it's going to happen to a lot of teams this year.   The Huskies might be even better this season than last

Incredible what Hurley has done in such a short period of time

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11/20/2023 7:11 pm  #80

Re: Other Games Thread

Is it now safe to assume that Big John's influence at GTown has finally faded to the point where somebody might be able to bring that DMV area Holiday Tournament/Round Robin idea to fruition ?   The local rivalries/bragging rights involved would undoubtedly add tremendously to the excitement - and the box office - for OOC games.   Not only do you save travel expenses and time away from class, the games would do a lot to hype our area and our programs.   By golly, I'll bet the POST might even deign to cover the games (GTown will be the next to lose local coverage if it continues on its glidepath).    Plus, for the first time in many years, Maryland and GTown no longer are so clearly superior to GW, American, Mason, or Howard.   The BIG SIX in the Capital Classic - a dream come true for any real basketball fan in the area.


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