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12/15/2023 11:39 am  #121

Re: Joe Bamisile

Guys like Joe who received waiver denials get two weeks to play courtesy of a stay in an Ohio court case that challenged this.  After two weeks, these guys may go back to not playing again until next season.  This possibility is beyond ridiculous.  And assuming this turns out not to be the case, then guys have to decide to play this year with approximately 30% of the season already gone, or sit out and play a full season next year.


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12/15/2023 3:26 pm  #123

Re: Joe Bamisile

His decision. But not sure that sitting out a year is not best for Joe's health, eligibility, his game and post-college aspirations, or feeling of community, given the bouncing around schools. 
   Most important, is this a smart use of the court system?


12/15/2023 5:21 pm  #124

Re: Joe Bamisile

His decision.  Unless the court decides in two weeks to take this away from the players once again.


12/15/2023 7:24 pm  #125

Re: Joe Bamisile

And now the NCAA joins in a petition to the court to extend the TRO to an injunction through the end of the year. So much for NCAA governance of the mess that is college athletics


12/15/2023 8:24 pm  #126

Re: Joe Bamisile

Poog wrote:

And now the NCAA joins in a petition to the court to extend the TRO to an injunction through the end of the year. So much for NCAA governance of the mess that is college athletics

I think the NCAA's highly paid lawyers are just having a hard time explaining why they should be exempt from antitrust laws.  I can see a day when a student challenges the 4 years of eligibility rule, the "staying on track to graduate" rule, basically any rule that affects their ability to "maximize their earning potential."  That's the argument courts seem sympathetic to.

I'm not naive to the money that has been generated for schools by student athletes, but we are destroying the fun of college sports.  I've always enjoyed watching someone come in as a freshman and leave as a senior.  I guess my hope is that college sports becomes such a mess that the athletic programs with vestigial universities decide to breakaway and schools like GW can at least operate within some level of comity. 


1/19/2024 9:42 pm  #127

Re: Joe Bamisile

29 points for JoeBam with 7 made threes in VCU's win tonight over SLU. It's always electric to watch when he's on. Looks like VCU finally figured out that they should play more uptempo with their talent, at least tonight.

Ford looks solidly on the hot seat for SLU. They looked clueless defensively.


1/20/2024 12:01 pm  #128

Re: Joe Bamisile

Joe showing that he is exactly where he belongs, namely in the A-10 rather than a power conference.


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2/06/2024 11:29 am  #130

Re: Joe Bamisile

I know this is too much to ask but I'd rather transfer eligibility be decided on a case by case basis rather than by archaic or inappropriate NCAA rules.  Let's look at Joe.  The fact is that under normal circumstances, he should have had to sit out a year transferring from VA Tech to GW if in fact that a: the change allowing everyone to not have to sit out a year on a first-time transfer and b) Covid.  Again, if we are only looking at the reason for the transfer, which in this case was to receive more playing time, Joe should have sat.  Every other year (coach gets fired, dad is legitimately ill) should have resulted in his ability to play right away.

I understand that there's probably 1,000 ways to abuse this system but the NCAA can make things tougher.  For example, proof of medical records.  Maybe even build in a deterrent (beyond sitting out a season) to attempt to transfer when it's not truly justified.  (In other words, make players think twice about trying to transfer unless it's completely justified.)

Transferring in order to play more is fine...but you should sit out a year under these circumstances. Transferring in order to receive a better NIL deal is fine...but you should sit out a year under these circumstances.   If you don't like this, then you are advocating for the complete chaos within the portal that is presently upon us.

Let's let the real reason for the transfer determine whether a player should sit or not, regardless of whether it's a first-time transfer, regardless of how many times a player has transferred.


2/06/2024 11:59 am  #131

Re: Joe Bamisile

Virginia Tech - GW - Oklahoma - VCU.

That's a bit much for any ballplayer.  Think of the amount of scholarship money he has received from these four schools.  

Take away scholarship money and make it all NIL and I would have no problem with the fluidity.


2/06/2024 12:15 pm  #132

Re: Joe Bamisile

Unfortunately, the Federal courts appear to believe that any NCAA regulation concerning eligibility is ripe for an antitrust challenge under the theory that it restrains the athlete's ability to monetize their name, image, and likeness.  Until there's collective bargaining (maybe coming soon after the Darmouth decision), I don't see how the NCAA can enforce any limitation on participation without a temporary injunction.  Even though it's not an NCAA regulation, you saw that most recently with the Illinois player who was temporarily suspended by the school amid a rape allegation and then reinstated and reinserted into the lineup.

The one problem with a case-by-case basis is that it inevitably leads to the NCAA acting like a quasi-court. You're going to get what we had with waivers where the NCAA has to either be extremely consistent in applying fact patterns or else schools will sue (even though they've all agreed to be bound by the NCAA).  The only surefire system is to have clear exceptions to the blanket no transfer rule such as the HC leaving.  Finding out you didn't get what you were promised (ie Joe at OU) is no excuse.


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2/06/2024 2:48 pm  #133

Re: Joe Bamisile

Keith, am curious as to the distinction you are making.  Joe has received four, one-year scholarships from four different schools.  Not like he's a 7 year player using up scholarships all these years.  Why or how is this worse than receiving one, 4-year scholarship or two, two-year scholarships?

GW0509, I understand your points but as for Joe leaving Oklahoma, all indications are that his father was/is genuinely ill and that Joe wanted to be closer to him.  Am not so naive to suggest that he didn't also want more playing time, but I think when you also have the circumstance of an ill parent, it does change the dynamic (compared to say why Joe left VTech for GW, which was solely about opportunity on the court.


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