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12/23/2022 1:06 am  #1

Hunter Dean

Huge difference having Dean back.  His improvement year to year has been impressive.
Dunks, tap backs, boards, defense,   just a terrific game.

Also thought one of Bishop's coldest shooting games yet one of his finest passing games.



12/24/2022 1:51 pm  #2

Re: Hunter Dean

We were definitely worse when he was out.

We really can’t afford any injuries. Even EJ Clark is a huge loss. Hope he’s back soon.


12/26/2022 4:04 pm  #3

Re: Hunter Dean

That's for sure 

We've got a top shelf A10 backcourt and yet both a subpar and too thin Frontcourt.  Clear with Dean crystal clear when he was out.

Dean's shooting 76.6% from the field, and his FT % has improved dramatically each year, now 72.2%

Dean's got bounce and size two things we could use a lot more.  The Southern Miss program he came from is 11-2 with a 137 KenPom.    He's a nice piece, we really needed 3-4 more of that on this roster to be cosistenly competitive. 

We'll get there


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12/27/2022 7:46 pm  #4

Re: Hunter Dean

Any idea why he only played 10’? Foul trouble in first half but not sure why he sat for so long in second half.


12/30/2022 7:51 pm  #5

Re: Hunter Dean

Hunter Dean is 4th in the nation in FG%.  #2 in the A10

He's also on the A10 leaderboard in Blocks per game, Rebound %  block %  etc

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1/06/2023 12:14 am  #6

Re: Hunter Dean

77.6% FG
79.2 % from 2s
Hunter remains 4th in the nation and 2nd in the A10
11th in rebound % 13th in blocks %  in the league

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1/06/2023 12:54 pm  #7

Re: Hunter Dean

Now, we need to work on getting the ball to Hunter, and strategically, Noel, to see if anywhere near this
shooting percentage continues.


1/06/2023 3:04 pm  #8

Re: Hunter Dean

EJ Clark is out for the season. As for Hunter Dean, he certainly is essential considering we only have 2 legitimate "big" men (Ricky). However, since we have a limited number of scorers, I would encourage him to take shots beyond 3 feet and not worry so much about his shooting percentage.Dean has a nice touch and should use it!


1/09/2023 10:44 pm  #9

Re: Hunter Dean

What a great game for Dean against UMASS.

GW among the many A10 candidates has two pretty good ones for Most Improved Player award.

Dean shot 31.5% from Free throws in 2020-21, 57.8% last year  and 80% this year

He's 76.3% from the field, remains on the A10 blocks and rebound % leaderboards, has spent most of the year one of the 5 best FG% in the nation.

Brendan Adams is the other GW  candidate.

Someone like Adams is more likely to win the award but Dean's hard work has paid off across the board.  Free Throw % improvement like that comes from one thing: HARD work.  Credit to the Coaching staff as well for helping foster his overall improvement.

Bravo To the White House Counselor

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1/15/2023 2:37 pm  #10

Re: Hunter Dean

Stating the obvious here but GW really needs Dean to be good if the team wants to succeed. He started out horribly yesterday and it seemed to ripple through the team. He also needs to step up his defense in the post.


2/22/2023 10:28 pm  #11

Re: Hunter Dean

How about Hunter Dean tonight !?!

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2/23/2023 9:17 pm  #12

Re: Hunter Dean

The Dude wrote:

How about Hunter Dean tonight !?!

Exactly. He is our X-factor.


2/23/2023 10:09 pm  #13

Re: Hunter Dean

Dean had a really great game, but I thought he got a bit tired at the end. I’m sure Caputo wanted to ride the hot hand, but he could have used a break with about 5 minutes to go.


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