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3/08/2023 10:34 am  #1

Zak Boisvert/Army

Look for him to be a contender for the Army job


3/19/2023 9:46 am  #2

Re: Zak Boisvert/Army

Could we lose another assistant?  Not great timing for us 

Trilly Donovan@trillydonovan·49m
Updates in New York: 
Army: Zak Boisvert is gaining a lot of traction. Carl Little and Kevin Kuwik also in the mix.

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3/19/2023 11:20 am  #3

Re: Zak Boisvert/Army

I feel like this means two things:

1. CC knows how to pick really good ACs

2. Lots of turnover in the coaching staff is the last thing GW needs after finally finding a competent HC

Silver lining is next year will be an almost entirely new team outside of Max so if there’s a new staff it won’t be as big of a shock. Only worry is it scares off our prized freshman recruits.


3/19/2023 11:56 am  #4

Re: Zak Boisvert/Army

Rising has made the point that retaining assistants is really tough at GW, so the program needs to get really good at replacing them. Karl Hobbs built an insanely good staff with Kevin Broadus, Darrell Brooks and Steve Pikiell, all of whom went on to become head coaches at varying levels. Their replacements were perfectly fine, but not at that level.

Chris Caputo seems to be about as keyed in to college basketball as anyone, so knowing who to call to replace assistants certainly won't be a problem. Convincing them to come is going to be hugely important.


3/19/2023 3:06 pm  #5

Re: Zak Boisvert/Army

Two things to chew on.
1) At the beginning of the season it was mentioned that CC hadn’t worked with any of his assistants before, but was familiar with each of them for their skill set. That is huge to me considering it looked like he had a pretty cohesive staff all year round and it might also mean he can put together another staff with top tier talent going forward.
2) What worries me, is two of the ACs leaving are both big recruiters for us. If each leaves, what does that do for our transfer market? Would they possibly follow the assistants?


3/21/2023 9:38 am  #6

Re: Zak Boisvert/Army

When Assistant Coaches move on to get promoted, that's generrally a sign that something is very right with the program they are leaving.  While not meaning to undermine the value of the relationships that recruiters strike with some players, it's important to note that most players make a decision to play for a head coach.  Also working in our favor is that CC isn't Calipari-like where he's completely out of the recruiting picture until it's time to close the deal.  I know that CC attends many high school and presumably AAU games, and has a more direct, hands-on approach to selling GW on recruits than a head coach who's been at this fror decades and would rather delegate.

This is another way of saying that if or when we lose Brendan and Zak, CC will fill those slots with other very capable coaches (I suspect that Cooper Handelsman would be next in line without even having to go out-of-house.  Lamont Franklin is also a possibility though I am unsure if he would want his role changed.).  That said, Rising's words should not be ignored.  If retaining assistant coaches becomes a systemic problem, then this needs to be rectified if we ever hope to have a consistently successful program.   


3/29/2023 2:39 pm  #7

Re: Zak Boisvert/Army

Not sure if this got mixed into the coaching carousel thread, but I'm guessing this means he's staying now:


3/29/2023 3:43 pm  #8

Re: Zak Boisvert/Army

Good news for the recruiting front, I would think


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