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10/26/2023 12:23 pm  #1

A10 Media Day

GW picked 6th in the preseason, which feels a bit low but the team was also disrespected last year when no one made the all-conference team. I'm still not sure how that happened.

Nya Robertson was picked preseason second team, and Mayowa Taiwo made the preseason third team and all-defensive team.

Outside of URI and St. Joe's, I'm not really wowed by any of the other teams this year and that includes SLU who made a run during the conference tournament. Given the experience on the team, I could have seen GW as high as 3/4 but I think not having a first teamer hurt. I think Nya can get there by the end of the year based on upside.


10/26/2023 1:39 pm  #2

Re: A10 Media Day

I think some of our returning players are undervalued, because Brown and Lok are also legit A10 players and if Innis has improved, she can be a factor. Most of the teams ranked above GW have one thing in common-- returning star front courts, specifically, URI (Toure and Magassa), St. Joes (Brugler and Ziegler), and Richmond (Budnik and Doogan), who have given GW fits in the past. It remains to be seen whether Durant, an improving Loving, or newcomer Hartman can help to fix our biggest defensive weakness - down low against bigger, talented front court players. 

I don't have any real disagreement with the 1st Team. There's no doubt (to me) that Taiwo is GW's MVP, and I'm looking for a big year from her. If she can boost her scoring to double figures, she could also be a 1st teamer at season's end. And we know Robertson can be explosive. But, we have some unknowns, especially when it comes to the newcomers, but with Blethen, Engel, Webster complementing a pretty talented core, I can see the Revs bettering the preseason 6th place ranking, 

Time to jump it up.


10/26/2023 4:06 pm  #3

Re: A10 Media Day

Nya Lok. Repeat after me. Nya Lok.


11/01/2023 5:53 pm  #4

Re: A10 Media Day

Poog, Has Lok taken a big step up this year?  She's shown streaks of real athleticism last year, but (to me) hasn't seemed consistent, tho that may be due to injuries.   Where you nominating her for MVP?  That would be exciting and take a real load off of Taiwo.


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