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1/15/2024 4:25 pm  #1

GW versus Dayton Game Thread

Next up:                             Dayton Flyers
Time:                                 January 17, 2024; 7 PM (ET)
Venue:                               UD Arena – Dayton, OH
2022-23 Record:               7-21 (5-10 in A10)
2024 Projection:               9th
Current Record:               7-9   
OOC Record:                    
A10 Record:                     
Common OOC:                None
Last Time Out:                 71-57 loss to GW in 2022-2023 (at Dayton)
Broadcast:                       ESPN+ 

Opponent Summary: GW travels to Dayton on the heels of their first conference win in New York to take on the Flyers on Wednesday evening. Dayton is not the powerhouse of several years ago, when Coach Shauna Green, now at Illinois, led the Flyers to 5 consecutive post season appearances. In their second year under Tamika Williams-Jeter, Dayton comes into this contest 7-9 after a 6-5 OOC campaign and 1-4 record in A10 play. Their lone conference win came against Loyola Chicago. The Flyers are led by guards Ivy Wolf (12.4 ppg) and Destiny Bohanon (11.2 ppg). 6’2” Adrianna Smith leads the A10 in rebounding (11.5 rpg) while scoring in double figures (10.1 ppg). 6’3” Mariah Perez (a preseason All A10 3rd Team Selection) contributes 7.5 ppg and 6 rpg. As a team, Dayton scores 66.4 ppg on 41.1% field goal accuracy (30% from beyond the arc).
About the game: Despite their 1-4 A10 record, Dayton could prove difficult for GW. The Flyers lead the A10 in offensive rebounds at over 15 per game. Their tall, physical front court will give the Revs matchup problems inside the box, where Smith and Perez contribute almost 18 ppg on a combined 52% from the field. If GW continues to feature a smaller lineup, they’ll have to focus on boxing out and hustling for rebounds. Dayton’s weakness has been on the defensive end, where they have allowed over 70 points a game. The Revs have to make the most of scoring opportunities and hit open shots. Individually, our players have become more assertive on offense of late. The shot distribution against the Bonnies (Robertson-21, Innis-14, Lok-13) was an improvement from recent games, but Brown, who had several nice takes to the basket result in shots rolling off the rim, should take more, as should Engel when she has the opportunity. Our frontcourt also has to get more involved. Durant and Taiwo need to be threats on the inside to keep the Dayton defense honest.
Another big test awaits the Revs in Dayton. They seem to be getting more consistent on offense, but still lose focus at critical times, leading to poor offensive decisions. If the Revs can cut down on those instances, they’ll be able to compete against most teams in the conference.


1/17/2024 9:18 am  #2

Re: GW versus Dayton Game Thread

WBB did a much better job against Bona the other night moving the ball. Inniss has quietly become an x-factor for the team with the way she's shooting the ball. Some sloppy turnovers from the team at times, but overall took better quality shots and unsurprisingly made them more often.

The threes won't always fall, so McCombs has to find a way to get Durant and Taiwo going, and in general get more scoring inside/get to the FT line more. I thought Mayowa at the 5 made the team look better on both ends but that might have just been because Bona was a smaller team. Maren will still be needed against bigger teams. Engel at the 4 to stretch the floor may be a game changer.


1/17/2024 9:26 pm  #3

Re: GW versus Dayton Game Thread

This team just stinks. Really disappointing that they took a step back with everyone but Lakstigala returning. They just have nothing other than Robertson (and sometimes Lok) offensively. 32-14 points in the paint advantage for Dayton, 2 for 9 on layups for GW. Extending McCombs is not looking great right now and a part of me wishes she took the Pitt job last spring


1/17/2024 9:33 pm  #4

Re: GW versus Dayton Game Thread

Final Result: GW stumbles in Ohio and loses to Dayton 71-53.

In the 1st quarter, Dayton took advantage inside, with Perez getting 6 points early to pace the Flyers and take an early 11-8 lead. Robertson countered with a pair of 3’s, but others’ shots weren’t falling. Dayton continued to score inside, while GW came up empty on numerous makeable attempts in the box, allowing Dayton to take a 20-12 lead into the 2nd period. GW’s offensive struggles continued in the 2nd quarter as Dayton expanded the lead to 31-17 early in the stages. Noone stepped up to support Robertson and Dayton continued to dominate the paint, allowing the Flyers to take a 40-25 lead at halftime. The point differential was due primarily to numerous makeable inside shots by GW in the first 20 minutes. Robertson led the way with 15 points and no other Revolutionary tallied more than one basket, as GW shot just 24% for the half. GW’s offense was productive to start the 3rd quarter, but the Rev’s still couldn’t stop Dayton’s inside game. Free throws let Dayton score when their offense was sputtering, and the 3rd quarter ended a draw, with Dayton maintaining their 5-point margin 55-40. In the 4th, Dayton pushed the lead to 19, forcing a GW timeout. Things were pretty much even from that point, with the Flyers winning by 18 points. Robertson finished with 22 points and Brown had 11.

This game was lost in the first half. When Dayton wasn’t scoring on the inside, they were at the free throw line. GW substitutions in the second half were atypical. A lot of minutes went to Loving, Marsh, and Lewis, while Lok, Innis, and Taiwo sat on the bench. Has Coach McCombs decided to start playing for next season? And yet, the team played Dayton pretty much even for in the second half, and Marsh and Loving had some good moments. The entire game, GW’s defense played Dayton tough, but bailed them out time and again by fouling as the shot clock was winding down. GW took the ball inside like Dayton, but didn’t draw any fouls. That was another big difference in the game. The offensive struggles continue for GW. The front line was totally ineffective inside the box, and although the guards were aggressive and took the ball to the basket, they missed too many shots-- 21% on 2-pointers for the game while hitting 44% on 3-pointers. This has to be fixed.

GW is coming home to take on St. Louis on Saturday. The Billikens were pommeled by George Mason tonight, so like GW, they’ll be anxious to get back on the court and make amends. Should be interesting.

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1/17/2024 9:45 pm  #5

Re: GW versus Dayton Game Thread

Agreed. There's no doubt last year's roster was just more talented, but honestly even that team underperformed offensively. I admittedly was willing to overlook that because the team improved overall from year 1. McCombs owes Mia for getting her an extension from the way things look right now.

This team has no ability to break down a defense of any kind. It's almost hard to be that bad from inside the arc. When it's just the Nya show the team is in trouble (but this team is so low on talent it honestly might be for the best that she takes the majority of shots at this point). It's a shame that GW often has the best player on the court but never best team. I hate to say it, but if Robertson were to transfer this team would be absolutely screwed next year.

Surprisingly, even the defensive gameplan was awful tonight. Dayton shoots 30% from 3 as a team and yet McCombs was stubborn about playing man-to-man despite GW being torched all night on dribble drives and Perez down low. It felt like Dayton was in the bonus each period within seconds. Can't say they were bad calls either because the team didn't play with their arms straight up. Durant picks up three fouls in the first quarter, then starts the second. Thankfully, Mayowa subbed in soon after but how do you mess something up that basic and keep Maren in the game at that point? Just bad all around. GW has never been good in the post under McCombs.

I ended up flipiping to watching some A10 MBB games by the third quarter so maybe some good things happened afterwards. I thought Marsh and Lewis looked promising if there was a positive. They should be part of the rotation moving forward since this team isn't likely playing for anything by March. It's understandable to lose on the road, but by almost 20 against a team 1-4 in the A10?

But yeah, overall the talent is not where it needs to be and the transfers that came in have been largely disappointing (although Buford understandably doesn't look at 100% given her injury earlier). What McCombs does this offseason will be critical. Major talent infusion is needed for WBB.


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