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1/25/2024 3:29 pm  #1

GW versus Fordham University Game Thread

Next up:                              Fordham Rams
Time:                                   January 27, 2024; 2 PM (ET)
Venue:                                 Rose Hill Gym – Bronx, NY
2022-23 Record:                19-13 (10-6 in A10)
2024 Projection:                13th
Current Record:                6-13   
OOC Record:                     
A10 Record:                      
Common OOC:                 Manhattan (Loss to JASPERS at home 58-44)
Last Time Out:                  63-57 loss to GW in 2022-2023 (at GW)
Broadcast:                        ESPN+ 

Opponent Summary: GW heads to New York on Saturday for a matinee matchup against the Fordham Rams at Rose Hill Gym. The Rams enter this contest at 6-13 after a 5-6 OOC slate and only a single A10 win in 8 attempts. The Rams feature the current A10 scoring leader in Taylor Donaldson (17.8 ppg), but without much support, they have struggled mightily, with no significant wins in their OOC schedule and a horrific start to the A10 campaign. Fellow guard Emy Hayford chips in 11.9 ppg, but the scoring tapers off after that. They have adequate height in forwards Maranda Nyborg (6’3”) and Aminata Ly (6’4”), but at just 5’9”, guard Matilda Flood leads Fordham in rebounds at 5.3 rpg. As a team, Fordham averages 61.3 ppg shooting 39.5% from the field and 31% from beyond the arc.
About the Game: Both teams have beaten St. Bonaventure this year and are desperately looking for a 2nd conference win. Statistically, Fordham has a slight edge on offense, but they have been vulnerable on the defensive side, where they’ve given up more points than they’ve scored. The Rams are coming off a competitive loss against Chicago Loyola where they led after 3 quarters, while GW once again struggled offensively in a loss to local rival George Mason earlier this week. Fordham and GW have comparable assist to turnover ratios (both at around .7), but Fordham has been better at converting turnovers to points. GW has little offensive chemistry or consistency to date. Both teams rely heavily on scoring from two players, so this game could wind up a Donaldson/Hayford versus Robertson/Lok matchup, with the winner determined by which duo gets the best support. Robertson seems to have hit a wall the past few games, while other players aside from Lok, have had ups and downs offensively. From one game to another, it’s anyone’s guess as to who might step up for GW.
This may be the best opportunity for both teams to get out of the A10 basement. Things don’t get easier for either team. GW has URI on deck, and Fordham travels to George Mason.


1/26/2024 10:38 am  #2

Re: GW versus Fordham University Game Thread

Hope the team can win, but seeing even small improvements would be big at this point.

Can this team win the second quarter? Somehow, WBB has managed to do that ONCE all season against D1 competition (outscored Manhattan a whopping 10-7 in the second game of the year). It would be nice to go into halftime with even a little momentum to make the third quarter just a bit easier.


1/27/2024 4:47 pm  #3

Re: GW versus Fordham University Game Thread

Final Result: GW’s late rally falls short in 60-55 defeat to Fordham.

Robertson was back in the starting lineup again and GW and Fordham began the game feeling each other out. Neither was particularly effective on offense, but the Rams passing game inside was better and a couple of easy baskets put them ahead 9-8 early on. GW’s 3 early turnovers were on bad passes that were unforced, negating scoring opportunities after defensive stops. Things didn’t get better for GW as their out-of-control offense had more costly turnovers that allowed Fordham to take a 16-10 lead at the end of the quarter. Things didn’t improve to start the second quarter, but the offense settled down and managed to cut the lead 20-18 going into the media timeout after a clutch 3-pointer by Webster. GW managed to cut the lead to a single point with the half running down, but within a 14 second span, a fluke and-1 by Fordham and a costly turnover leading to a period ending 3-pointer let the Rams go into the half with a 31-24 lead. The key statistics of the half – Fordham wins 17-2 on points off turnovers and 15-5 on second chance points after getting 13 offensive rebounds (to GW’s 3). Fordham took 20 more attempts than GW in the 1st half. GW’s duo of Robertson and Lok finished with 6 points each, while Donaldson and Hayford led the way for Fordham with 7 and 8 points respectively. Fordham pulled ahead in the 3rd on the strength of more offensive rebounds, 42-31. After a lot of ineffective offense by both sides, a big 3-pointer by Engel cut the Rams’ lead to 44-36 to end the 3rd quarter. After a slow start to the 4th, GW warmed up and cut the lead to 51-48 thanks to 3’s by Robertson and Engel. A Robertson spurt led GW to a 55-55 tie, but in the waning seconds, after Fordham took a 2-point lead, GW had 3 opportunities to tie the game but could not get a single shot off, and allowed the Rams to finish the game at the free throw line for the win. Robertson had 19 points, followed by 9 points from Engel. The Donaldson/Hayford combo finished with 34 points between them.

The 4th quarter comeback should not have been necessary, but even after ceding the 1st 3 quarters, the Revs gave themselves a chance. For the game, GW just allowed too many offensive rebounds, resulting in a 19-9 deficit in second chance points. Time after time, GW’s defense would force Fordham into bad shots, only to let the rebounds get away to give the Rams more opportunities—this was the difference in the game. In the final seconds, when GW had a chance to even the score, the first attempt ended up in an illegal screen on the inbounds pass; the second halted by a traveling violation; and the final one resulted in a technical foul for calling a timeout GW didn’t have. So, 3 chances to tie, without a shot being taken—that is how this season has gone. Where was our coaching staff? Kudos to the team for fighting back, but for the first 3 quarters, Fordham, who is clearly a bad offensive team, wanted this game more, and that was when the game was won.

This was a bad loss. Our next opponent, URI, is one of the top teams in the A10 and will create matchup nightmares for GW, especially in the front court. Going 1-8 in the conference seems very likely.

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1/27/2024 5:13 pm  #4

Re: GW versus Fordham University Game Thread

dmvpiranha wrote:

Can this team win the second quarter? Somehow, WBB has managed to do that ONCE all season against D1 competition (outscored Manhattan a whopping 10-7 in the second game of the year). It would be nice to go into halftime with even a little momentum to make the third quarter just a bit easier.

The streak now extends to 17 straight games. All WBB had to do was hold onto the ball for the final 10 seconds or so of the quarter to end it but they coughed it up and gave up a three to Fordham. All you can do is laugh at this point. GW enters the bonus with nearly six minutes left in the 2Q, but only gets to the FT line once after the fifth foul. That's poor coaching to keep hoisting jump shots instead of attacking the hoop at that point.

Add Fordham to the list of teams that looked and played bigger than GW. I guess based off that it shouldn't be surprising that WBB got killed on the boards. McCombs needs to recruit bigger players (most teams in the A10 are bigger than GW) and obviously skilled players that can score the ball. Fordham had multiple down transfers, but GW can only get ones from Hampton and BU? Recruiting has not been up to par.

Nice minutes from Taylor, Nyas (Lok at least early on), and Maxine but need more once again from the interior. Caia looks good when out there, but hasn't had the court time to develop. Rough past couple of games for Essence - 2 points combined and 4 turnovers today (although I personally thought that travel late was 50-50 as she didn't have full control of the ball).

Also, while Fordham had trouble finishing off some of their shots they certainly passed the ball infinitely better than GW. There were very few shots that WBB took that weren't contested by Fordham. Really sloppy turnovers again - how is it that an experienced team like this still has so many miscues? It's one thing to have a team built on defense, but McCombs has straight up ignored the offensive side of the ball and that has caused this season to go off the rails. A Robertson explosion late doesn't change this. Also, what's up with the rotations? Seems like McCombs is just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks even in conference play. Just not a whole lot of confidence right now when it comes to this team.


1/27/2024 5:38 pm  #5

Re: GW versus Fordham University Game Thread

Time to start thinking about a coaching change.  Can't afford a coach who doesn't realize the winner of the game is the one with the most points at the end of the game.


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