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3/24/2023 9:19 am  #81


3/24/2023 9:50 am  #82

Re: Caputo Staff News

otoh, Barnes probably makes 6 million or so more than cc


3/24/2023 11:03 am  #83

Re: Caputo Staff News

BTW, did some lurking on the Syracuse message boards and Twitter and it doesn't sound like the "transfer" Straughn would be taking with him are any of our heralded freshman.  Most seem to think it will be Justin Moore from Villanova.

As always, nothing is for certain until they show up on campus this summer.

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3/29/2023 2:39 pm  #84

Re: Caputo Staff News

Not sure if this got mixed into the coaching carousel thread, but I'm guessing this means he's staying now:


3/29/2023 3:43 pm  #85

Re: Caputo Staff News

Good news for the recruiting front, I would think


3/30/2023 10:01 am  #86

Re: Caputo Staff News

According to twitter coaching info gurus @trillydonovan and @samurai_hoops, Lamont Franklin has been promoted to take Straughn's role as an assistant coach. Last year he was Director of Player Development 


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Re: Caputo Staff News


5/18/2023 9:12 am  #88

Re: Caputo Staff News

Zack B posted his itinerary on his Instagram Story.

Kaunas, Lithuania

Nice to see us working the European recruiting pipeline


5/23/2023 12:23 pm  #89

Re: Caputo Staff News

Caputo is now in Amsterdam.


5/24/2023 10:05 am  #90

Re: Caputo Staff News

Florida Colonial wrote:

Caputo is now in Amsterdam.

Curious as to whether the head coach traveling to Amsterdam is standard operating procedure or something significant.  Or just rapping work around a wonderful city to visit?


5/24/2023 10:19 am  #91

Re: Caputo Staff News

Just as a reminder we do have a 2023 recruit based in the Netherlands: GW Hoops » Recruit: Matthijs Verhallen, Guard, 2023 - Offered (

Not saying he's the type of recruit you fly the HC and AC to see personally but could be a reason why CC met up with ZB in Amsterdam.


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6/04/2023 2:53 pm  #92

Re: Caputo Staff News

For those on twitter and Instagram, I highly recommend following ZB. He's pretty entertaining and active.

Here is a recent post


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6/09/2023 12:20 pm  #93

Re: Caputo Staff News

GW men's basketball head coach Chris Caputo announced on Friday the promotion of Lamont Franklin to assistant coach. Franklin is set to enter his third year in Foggy Bottom and has been involved in the coaching profession for over 20 years dating back to his graduation from UNCW in 1997.

"One of the key components to building a successful program is continuity within the staff," Caputo said

we are thrilled to elevate Coach Franklin to assistant coach.

Franklin joined GW in 2021 as the Special Assistant to the Head Coach and Director of Scouting. He was retained by Coach Caputo last season and promoted to Director of Player Development. In the role, Franklin served as an advisor to the Head Coach, oversaw advanced scouting of future opponents, broke down game film, led data analysis for program and player development, and contributed to developing game strategy and planning practices.

Franklin's distinguished career, which has spanned over 20 years, has included tutoring 26 professional players, including three NBA Draft picks, 20 All-Conference performers, and two NCAA leaders in 3-pointers made.

This past season, he was instrumental in the development of A-10 Rookie of the Year Maximus Edwards, A-10 Most Improved Player Brendan Adams and First Team All-Conference performer James Bishop IV.


8/09/2023 10:47 am  #94

Re: Caputo Staff News

WASHINGTON - GW men's basketball has augmented its staff for the 2023-24 season with the addition of Aaron Thompson as the Director of Player Development, head coach Chris Caputo announced on Wednesday.

Seems like a nice addition


8/09/2023 3:34 pm  #95

Re: Caputo Staff News

Welcome!  A welcome local AAU and HS addition. 


1/30/2024 10:15 am  #96

Re: Caputo Staff News

I don't think this was ever posted, but Matt Colpoys and Cooper Handelsman were both promoted to assistant coaches last week. Congrats to both of them!


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